Electric vehicles clear the air!


Hennessy green fleet © Laurent Freyss

Delegates to the COP21 meeting will be transported by electric cars, underscoring the role of green mobility in the fight against climate change. This conviction is firmly embedded at LVMH, illustrated by initiatives at two of the Group’s wines and spirits houses, Hennessy and Moët & Chandon.

Green fleet for Hennessy

Hennessy has for many years pursued rigorous policies to respect the environment and it is no surprise that it now operates the largest fleet of electric vehicles of any private business in France. Hennessy began acquiring green cars and delivery trucks in 2011. A study in 2014 showed that the majority of its employees used their company vehicles for trips of under 100 km, setting the stage for further progress. Switching to electric vehicles would cut CO2 emissions by 80% compared with the fossil fuel fleet. Today, a full 80% of the Hennessy fleet comprises Renault and BMW electric vehicles.

Hennessy green fleet © Laurent Freyss

Electric tractors for Moët & Chandon

In addition to transport, electric mobility solutions also enable greener production. In 2015, Moët & Chandon added a fourth T4E tractor to its vineyard fleet. Designed by the Champagne firm Kremer Énergie, the T4E is the world’s first 100% electric high-clear tractor. This technological innovation took three years to develop and has won a host of awards for its designers. Since it uses no fossil fuel, it generates zero carbon emissions while meeting Moët & Chandon’s technical specifications for both milling and treatment work – a perfect pairing with the Champagne house’s commitment to sustainable winemaking. There are already plans to increase the fleet in the coming years.

T4E tractor © Moët & Chando

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