The LIFE program, Bulgari example


Stone inspection at Bulgari © Paolo Verzone / Agence VU

As with all LVMH Houses, Bulgari has integrated the LIFE program into its strategic plan. The management board, with the help of the operational teams, worked to define an ambitious program to reinforce and give structure to actions which have already been implemented.

Since 2012, Bulgari has been certified RJC, “Responsible Jewellery Council”. This certification includes confirming the responsible origin of gold and diamonds, and applies to all the players in the affiliate.  The House plans to expand the scope of this certification in 2015 as it aims for the “RJC Chain Of Custody” certificate, which includes precious metals such as palladium and platinum.

Bulgari has also set itself the objective of increasing the number of environmental and social audits carried out among its suppliers, whether their business involves timepieces, jewelry, perfumery or leather goods.

Lastly, the Rome-based House aims to attain LEED certification for its new jewelry workshop in Valenza, Italy.  LEED, “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” certification, guarantees the implementation of best practices, in particular in terms of optimizing energy consumption.

Bulgari also plays an active role in the LVMH Lighting project, which aims to install the best lighting technologies (such as LEDs) at all the stores in the Group.

These actions taken by Bulgari allow it to respond to the following LIFE challenges:

  • Secure access to raw materials;
  • Conformity and traceability of raw materials;
  • Social and environmental responsibility of suppliers;
  • CO2 impact generated by actions taken;
  • Environmental excellence of processes

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