The Louis Vuitton Drôme workshop


Drôme workshop © Louis Vuitton

Conform to the demanding High Environmental Quality (HQE) standard, the Louis Vuitton Drôme workshop was designed and built to meld seamlessly with the landscape. The largest green roof on an industrial building in France contributes to its perfect integration.

As well as fitting into the surrounding countryside, the site boasts many environmental features.  Waste water is purified using filtering tanks holding decontaminating plants. The plant-based roof is equipped with a rainwater collection system that can be used to water the plants during hot weather.

Thermal solar panels provide the site with all the hot water it needs. Bay windows and glass roofs in the workshop allow natural light to pour into the building. Thermal insulation is provided by the plant-based roof and the site’s heating system is completely powered by reversible heat pumps. These combined efforts have reduced the site’s overall energy consumption by 40% compared to the most recently constructed workshops.

The HQE© approach is also based on the creation of an indoor environment for the optimal comfort and health of its occupants.  As such, the building’s framework is made of oak and the materials selected for the partitions allow the workshop to be separated into zones for enhanced acoustic comfort.

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