Social Responsibility

LVMH is committed to exemplary social responsibility. This commitment is based on the fundamental principle of respect for people, and on making excellence a lever for social and professional inclusion, in solidarity with our host communities.

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Respect for people and individuals

Corporate social responsibility at LVMH is anchored in fundamental principles that center on respect for people.  LVMH provides a work environment that lets each employee fully express their talent and apply their expertise under the best possible conditions. This ensures that each person’s individuality is respected and enriched. This policy is perfectly aligned with preserving the exceptional savoir-faire of our Houses and continuing to enrich their remarkable heritage.

“Each day, LVMH shows the amazing results that come from the meeting of creative minds and talented craftsmanship. These creations could not exist without the remarkable women and men who work at all our Houses. Our commitment to exemplary social responsibility means respecting their individuality, developing and transmitting our savoir-faire, and identifying talents who share our quest for excellence.”

Encouraging excellence as a lever for social inclusion

LVMH also strongly believes that excellence, the driving force behind its success, constitutes a prime lever for social and professional inclusion. Our social responsibility includes initiatives inspired by excellence to help marginalized or vulnerable groups, acting in solidarity with our host communities around the world. This is one way that LVMH cascades the positive social impact of its business activities through a vision of excellence that is both generous and inclusive.

LVMH’s social responsibility is based on four pillars: workplace well-being and quality working conditions, developing talent and savoir-faire, preventing discrimination and supporting local communities. This vision of social responsibility is shared by all the Group’s Houses, who adapt it to address their own priorities and local presence, always respecting their distinctive identities.

LVMH requires exemplary behavior by all its employees and partners. Rules and guidelines governing respect for ethics and social and environmental responsiblity principles in their conduct are set out in the LVMH Code of Conduct and the LVMH Supplier Code of Conduct.

Read the 2016 Social Responsibility report: