LVMH RISE: Results In Social Entrepreneurship

Social Responsibility


LVMH supports social entrepreneurs who create economically-viable businesses that address social and environmental needs.

LVMH offers the future leaders of the Group a chance to work alongside these social entrepreneurs to accelerate the development of their business. Support from these LVMH group employees extends over a period ranging from 6 to 9 months. By offering their expertise in the fields of finance, sales or marketing, participants give the social entrepreneurs access to a professional network and specific, high-level expertise.

The program encourages the development of leadership among committed employees, which fits perfectly with their values and those of the Group.

Ten tandems were formed in 2013, and twenty in 2014, in particular with the social entrepreneurs “Witness Uganda” in New York, “Made in Carcere” in Rome, and “MotherNET” in Tokyo.

These tandems have delivered measurable results, which has allowed for the continuation of the business and social added value for the entrepreneur, on themes that are important to LVMH, such as the emancipation of women, access to education, and the environment.

LVMH RISE (Results in Social Entrepreneurship) Celebrating Ceremony

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