Moët Hennessy Entreprise Adaptée

Social Responsibility

With Moët Hennessy Entreprise Adaptée, the Group has created a structure to accommodate employees with disabilities.

As a representation of LVMH’s strong commitment when dealing with disability, Moët Hennessy Entreprise Adaptée (MHEA) offers innovative and practical solutions for the reassignment of employees who encounter professional difficulties following the onset of a disability.

Launched in 2011, MHEA is a specially-created company located in Champagne that allows employees with special needs to work in surroundings which are perfectly adapted to their constraints, in terms of working conditions, production rate, etc. It reassigns people with major difficulties while providing a solution for the economic challenges and socio-professional support of the Champagne Houses.

Since May 2011, MHEA has employed 16 people who were already employees of Moët & Chandon under open-ended contracts, as well as 14 people from outside the country under fixed-term contracts, enabling them to learn new skills or rejoin the workplace. Four of them subsequently found positions with other LVMH companies.

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