Moët Hennessy is committed to responsible consumption

Social Responsibility

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Moët Hennessy believes that education and knowledge about products lead to responsible consumption.

By presenting the cultural wealth of our Houses’ heritage, and the passion and age-old savoir-faire practiced by the men and women who produce our wines and spirits, we aim to ensure that our consumers understand our culture, which is founded on “art de vivre” and the appreciation of our exceptional products.

Our Wines & Spirits Houses aim to produce very high quality products. We communicate this quest for excellence, tasting rituals and gastronomic harmony so that the exceptional character of our products can be fully revealed. We believe that increasing knowledge about our products encourages consumers to respect and enjoy them in moderation.

We are aware that the inappropriate consumption of alcoholic beverages presents risks, and we are committed to passing on a message of responsibility to all our consumers. Our products should be consumed with enjoyment and restraint, with constant attention to avoiding loss of self control or endangering one’s own or other people’s health or safety.

For many years, we have implemented measures promoting the responsible consumption of our products. Moët Hennessy is in fact the ambassador of “Wine In Moderation – Art de Vivre”, an organization composed of international wine industry players. Both educating consumers and warning them about dangerous behavior (excessive consumption, drinking during pregnancy, underage drinking, driving under the influence, etc.) are key issues for the organization.

Since 2012, Moët Hennessy has also undertaken an internal training scheme on responsible consumption, stemming from the idea that its employees are front-line ambassadors for our Wine & Spirits Houses. This training course is based on two principles: tasting and the best way of consuming our exceptional products; and the dangers involved in inappropriate alcohol consumption.

In parallel, Moët Hennessy encourages its Houses and its various regional markets to communicate on the subject in order to reinforce the message.

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