Recruitment discrimination tests

Social Responsibility


LVMH has introduced tests to prevent discrimination during recruitment, continually monitoring whether commitments to job applicants are respected.

Promoting diversity and equal opportunities is the foremost commitment, to which every recruiter is required to adhere. To check that it is fully implemented, the LVMH group continually monitors its recruitment practices in terms of applicant diversity. To this end, it uses discrimination tests carried out by an independent firm.

The firm randomly sends fictional applications in response to job offers posted on the Group’s sites. All job offers, regardless of region, may be tested.

The results are sent regularly to all the Houses in the Group. The program also includes rolling out discrimination prevention courses for recruiters and managers.

Using this “voluntary testing” program, the Group constantly monitors its recruitment practices, thereby fully accepting one of its most important social responsibilities, one which is incumbent upon it as a benchmark employer.

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