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Founded in 1984 in London, Pink set out to redefine shirtmaking for a new generation. Their aim: to place colour, quality and craftsmanship front and centre. Drawing inspiration from the spirit of our founding principles, Pink today champions the traditions of English shirtmaking in the 21st century, creating shirts that are built to the best and most enduring standards.

Creation date: 1984
CEO: Christopher Zanardi-Landi
Head office: 10 Howick Place, Londres SW1P 1GW, Royaume-Uni


Thomas Pink was founded in 1984 by three brothers, Peter, James and John Mullen, who set out to redefine shirtmaking for a new generation.  Against the grain of the said conventions of Jermyn Street, the Mullen brothers recognised the new raw energy brought about by the transformation of the City during the “Big Bang” and created a new code for business wear, achieving cult status by introducing bold colours and stripes to the boardroom. The founders’ passion for quality shirt making is one that resonates with the new Pink today, creating shirts that are built to the best and most enduring standards.

Through its new name of Pink Shirtmaker, the brand has reaffirmed their identity while remaining faithful to its founding spirit. Guided by CEO Christopher Zanardi-Landi the design studios have been assembled from scratch, paring the company back to its founding principles of creating shirts of excellence.

A design philosophy that stays true to both form and function has enabled the Pink shirt to remain versatile and relevant to the evolving codes of dressing.  Ultimately, it’s the personal experience of owning and wearing a Pink shirt that distinguishes it, from the sensation of wearing it to the familiarity of its place at the heart of the male wardrobe.

Autumn Winter 2019 © Pink Shirtmaker


Pink believe in making shirts that are built to last and are committed to the traditions of English shirtmaking in every stage of the design process, from the choice of specific cotton to the durability of the seams. For Pink, a well-made shirt is an investment: a passionately made staple that is reliable, versatile, and one that should serve its owner for many years to come.

November 2020 © Pink Shirtmaker


Christopher Zanardi-Landi, CEO of Pink Shirtmaker © Pink Shirtmaker

“At Pink, we have made the decision to prioritise perfecting our product, in the knowledge that the honest appeal of a beautifully constructed shirt will be obvious to everyone who wears it and, through its reliability and versatility, will be loved for years to come.”

Key figures

  • 10,000 stitches per shirt
  • 10 pieces of cloth in our non-fused collars
  • 120 steps in making each shirt from design to completion

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