As an accelerator of circular creativity, Nona Source celebrates three years of innovations and unveils an exclusive new range of surplus leathers



For its third anniversary, Nona Source, the pioneer of creative reuse of luxury materials, announces a series of significant initiatives to reinforce its commitment to sustainable innovation and excellence in fashion and design: 

  • A leather offer including an exclusive selection of high-quality surplus hides, sourced from LVMH Houses and from renowned tanneries with exceptional craftsmanship. This range expands the existing offer of luxury fabrics and yarns in a myriad of colours and finishes. 
  • An emblematic Parisian showroom that becomes a truly immersive experience for customers, offering professionals a bright and welcoming 120 square meter setting, with over 4 000 fabrics to discover. Visitors will be able to draw all the inspiration they need for their next collections. 
  • An LVMH material library featuring 150 innovative materials, ranging from plant-based textiles like eucalyptus to fish leather, all adhering to strict environmental standards. This diverse materials library is designed to cater to various luxury industries and will continue to expand over time. 

For the first time, Nona Source is opening up its platform to luxury brands outside the LVMH group to revalue surplus fabrics from their old collections. This initiative reinforces Nona Source’s position as a circular economy solution for the entire fashion and luxury goods industry. Maisons Chloé and Lanvin are among the first to place their trust in Nona Source to serve innovation, transmission, and the environmental cause. 

Hélène Valade, Director of Environmental Development at LVMH group, stated: “Over the past three years, Nona Source has confirmed its role as an accelerator of circular economy, reinforcing its essential position within the industry. Our maisons have embraced the circular reflex by turning to Nona Source whenever they are looking for materials; it’s a perfect example of closed-loop reuse. One of the most significant achievements was that even some “competitors” maisons are collaborating with us. Luxury is changing!  

Nona Source has added raw recycled denim MTR by the startup Weturn to its catalog, addressing the ecological challenges of conventional denim production and reducing water and cotton consumption. This addition complements Nona Source’s broad range of solutions for ever «greener» creative circularity. 

Romain Brabo, CEO and co-Founder of Nona Source, added: “After two years of project development and three years of launch, Nona Source continues to reinvent the codes of creation to encourage innovation to support creative circularity and the luxury industry. This third anniversary is just the beginning, and I am convinced that the best pages are yet to be written.