Collection Impériale Création No. 1: an expression of Moët & Chandon’s founding approach

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To mark its 280th anniversary, Moët & Chandon has released an exceptional champagne cuvée that embodies its “Haute Oenologie” vision.  Collection Impériale Création No. 1 is an assemblage of three grape varieties around seven vintages. Each has been carefully selected and nurtured in distinct environments to elevate its individual qualities.

To celebrate the anniversary, Moët & Chandon collaborated with American contemporary artist Daniel Arsham to create a new work and a limited-edition bottle case. The artist visited the Maison’s estate in Epernay alongside cellar master Benoît Gouez, finding inspiration in a stained glass window by Félix Gaudin that has adorned the entrance to the cellars since the late 1890s. His three-meter-long sculptural work will be permanently installed in the Galerie Impériale, not far from the stained glass window where it all began. The artist also imagined 85 limited-edition bottles. Clad entirely in white, the 3D bottles reprise the design of the sculpture with elements referring to the Château de Saran, which Moët & Chandon has owned since 1801.

“We created Collection Impériale Création No. 1, released for our 280th anniversary, as a champagne crafted for eternity. It’s precisely our relationship with time – the time needed to grow, select and mature champagne – that makes Daniel Arsham such an inspired choice for this collaboration. Daniel’s unique take on Moët & Chandon’s heritage beautifully captures the essence of our history and our craft,” says Benoît Gouez.