Guerlain collaborates with virtuoso high-end jeweler Philippe Ferrandis for new edition of Bouquet de la Mariée

Perfumes & Cosmetics


An ideal alliance between High Perfumery and the art of exceptional jewelry, this new creation revisits the iconic Bee Bottle, becoming a true collector’s piece, a celebration of love crafted by the expert hands of the most skilled luxury artisans.  

The unique piece transcends the traditional imagery of the wedding bouquet, metamorphosing into a majestic tree, an age-old symbol of union and fertility. 

In a tribute to the imperial origins of the Bee Bottle, this edition is a spectacular reinterpretation of the traditional wedding bouquet. Inspired by the wonders of nature, Philippe Ferrandis pairs the Bee Bottle with a powerful symbol, a breathtaking apple tree that becomes a metaphor of protection and fertility.  

A flawless expression of subtlety and refinement, the precious apple tree is gilded in 24-carat gold and adorned with 28 enameled flowers, crafted with the signature savoir-faire of Maison Philippe Ferrandis in.  

More than a perfume bottle, this work of art transforms the ephemeral bloom of the flowers into an eternal composition.