Louis Vuitton revives Core Values with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

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Louis Vuitton is pleased to reveal a new chapter in its storied Core Values campaign, captured through the lens of celebrated photographer Annie Leibovitz. The campaign features tennis legends Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal as they ascend a summit in Italy’s Dolomites mountain range.  

Embodied in the tagline “There are Journeys that turn into Legends”, the campaign captures the journey of ambition, determination and discovery. At 3,000 meters in altitude, far from the familiar tennis courts, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are seen not as competitors, but companions on a shared ascent. The shot offers a visual metaphor for their careers, marked by deep mutual respect and friendship, forever overcoming the obstacles they faced. Together, they echo the values that resonate through every Louis Vuitton design and every Core Values campaign: a journey beyond the physical, a commitment to excellence, and the transmission of dreams.  


“It has been 17 years since I launched the first Core Values campaign with Antoine Arnault, and I am delighted to revive this iconic series. Each Core Values chapter celebrates Louis Vuitton’s legacy of travel, of working with exceptional people, and of transmission – both physical and emotional. It has been brilliant to work with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal on this new story – both inspirational athletes, fierce friends, and testaments to the discipline and excellence of their own personal sporting journeys,” says Pietro Beccari, Chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton.   

More than a portrait of two men against an alpine vista, this latest campaign is an homage to the values of the Maison, embodied by champions who carry their story with style, elegance and humility. With every step up those rugged peaks, both athletes illustrate how each personal journey can reach legendary heights when it is pursued with determination and pioneering spirit.