Miss Dior 2024 by Francis Kurkdjian, a fragrance that embraces tradition and modernity

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Before adopting its now iconic name Miss Dior, the fragrance was code-named ‘Castor’, after the brightest star in the Gemini constellation.

The creation of Miss Dior is a fascinating story, replete with creative flashes and perpetual mysteries. Never before had a couturier spoken so eloquently about his first perfume, or orchestrated its entrance on stage beneath the spotlights with such masterful intuition and meticulous professionalism. Ever since its striking debut, Christian Dior’s ‘only child’ as the designer fondly called it has traveled through time with continual evolution while never ceding an inch of its youthful enthusiasm and instantly-recognizable radiance.


Miss Dior was born of those evenings in Provence, alive with fireflies, where young jasmine plays a descant to the melody of the night and the land. 

Christian Dior 


Now Dior Perfume Creation Director Francis Kurkdjian proposes a new interpretation of Miss Dior, an immediate and irresistible pleasure. He has crafted a floral and gourmand fragrance that offers an instantly sensual and imperative experience. In this quest to reinvent a past, jasmine emerged as the essential starting point. Francis Kurkdjian wanted to return to the characteristic notes linked to the extraction methods employed in 1947, when Miss Dior was created. Today the delectably fruity tones of jasmine define the new composition of Miss Dior Parfum by Francis Kurkdjian, an invitation to an immediate and irresistible pleasure.   

The iconic silhouette of the new Miss Dior bottle boldly reaffirms the femininity of its original couture identity. The bottle’s clean, sophisticated lines and reduced format underscore the intensity of the fragrance. Even more sophisticated, the base and sides welcome the famous houndstooth pattern engraved in the glass. A masculine touch dialogues with this ultimate emblem of femininity through the celebrated ‘dagger’ or ‘swallow’s tail’ bow, faithfully knotted around the neck.