Kentaro Kobayashi

Marketing Manager Dom Pérignon, Krug, Ruinart, MHD MÖET HENNESSY DIAGEO

A high-end brand can only truly claim luxury status when it provides a customer experience that’s simply perfect.

“After graduating from the University of Washington, USA, I studied at the Sorbonne in France and began working in the hospitality industry after returning home. During that time, I came across a book by Kyojiro Hata, once President of Louis Vuitton in Japan, where I learned about LVMH’s business and began wanting to work here.

When I was 25, I began working for Moët Hennessy’s Japan office. After four and a half years of experience within the Dom Pérignon marketing team in Japan, I joined the headquarters in France. As a Japanese, I was delighted to have been selected to represent this iconic French Maison in the headquarters, and found every aspect of the work rewarding. During my first year in the Maison team, I worked on the collaboration with Jeff Koons. This project was ground-breaking in many ways, and as I worked on the project with various teams including development, finance and legal, and liaised with the Dom Pérignon representatives in each country, I became keenly aware of how important it is for everyone to work as a team.

After returning home in March 2017, I have been in charge of marketing for three Champagne brands: Dom Pérignon, Krug and Ruinart. Because my work is rooted in a deep passion for the products, it brings me joy every day to be involved in developing further these brands. I think a luxury brand requires the indisputable quality of overall experience, coupled with thorough attention to the smallest of details.

Achieving excellence requires, above all else, teamwork. Cooperation between each department, Maison, and partner company is essential to accurately communicating our brands’ values and our history of innovation to our customers. Cooperation also means that when we achieve our goals, our success will be even more fulling.”