Rachel Tan Pei Ling

Director of airport boutiques in Singapore, DFS

After ten years with DFS, Rachel Tan Pei Ling exudes the same enthusiasm as she did during the first few days of her career. And it's no surprise; her love of service spurs her on, every single day...

“I have always been driven by the desire to meet customers as well as teams and to guide them. My training and initial professional experience is proof of that; from the management degree awarded to me by the hospitality school Les Roches in Switzerland through to the role as a Marketing Assistant in a Singapore hotel, right through to joining the DFS management training team in 2005 focused on skills development. All of these experiences confirmed my choice: I had found my path. And better still, my House.

Sales Manager, Executive Assistant, Director of airport & downtown business such as Changi Airport and T Galleria, in both Asia and Oceania, etc. Since 2006, the influence and diversity of DFS’s selective distribution channels have provided me with countless experiences in operational management, in vastly different product categories, working at once closely with the Houses and in an international environment.

Today, as the Director of airport boutiques in Singapore, I am determined to make the most of my management skills, my sense of organization and my commitment, all to benefit the teams.  Being there to guide them through the development of their own skills, helping them to go beyond their objectives, enjoying their successes, and giving our customers full satisfaction are all reasons to feel accomplished, and that is my quest for excellence.”