Roberto Spinosa

Master Barber
Acqua Di Parma

My Métier d’Excellence 

I’ve been a Master Barber since 2014 at Acqua Di Parma in Milan. I shave customers using the traditional Italian technique, for which Acqua Di Parma is renowned, as well as giving them skincare treatments. To meet the expectations of a very high-end clientele you need a distinctive approach. You have to take your time to earn their confidence while being extremely professional to give them exactly what they want. In addition to the principal service, I also provide little services like shoulder massages to relax the customers.

The most important things you need for this métier

You have to listen closely to your customer and really be interested in them to completely understand what they want. I’m not inside their head so I have to make sure I’ve understood in order to cut their hair or beard. And as I said, it’s essential that the customers trust me, so it’s imperative to communicate effectively with them and adapt, taking their type of skin into account, for example. I always ask a lot of questions to make certain I give them a shave that is as personalized and perfect as possible.

What I love most about my métier 

I love the contact with people and speaking with them to discover who they are and how I can give them the service that’s perfectly matched to their individuality. I’m also extremely proud to practice this métier at Acqua Di Parma. We offer traditional Italian service, by hand. Not everyone can do this, it takes many years to reach this level of excellence. I’m proud to represent this Italian savoir-faire and to have been selected as a Virtuoso for my skills.

My advice for someone starting out in this profession

Steal techniques from other barbers who are better than you! More seriously, you need to watch, to learn the techniques of professionals with years of experience, and above all practice a lot to master these techniques yourself. It’s only by repeating gestures again and again that you can become sufficiently relaxed to execute an impeccable clean shave with complete confidence. And this confidence is what makes the difference, because the customer can feel it, and I want him to be as relaxed as possible.