Sophie Gisquet

Skincare Segment Manager, Parfums Christian Dior

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Sophie Gisquet has held a series of positions at Parfums Christian Dior, progressively expanding her skills, building her career, and now helping others advance their careers.

“In 2006 while I was studying at the EDHEC Lille business school I worked as an intern in skincare at Parfums Christian Dior. I was an assistant product manager and I really loved the very consistent vision across the department. That made me want to return to the team, and two years later I had an opportunity to become product manager for the Capture line. It was then that I saw how important this consistency really was since all the teams – marketing, packaging, merchandising, etc. – were inhouse, and everyone had to be totally engaged when new products were being developed. This integration and commitment define our strategy and help us enrich our skills, and this has been the red thread that’s run throughout my career at Parfums Christian Dior.

In 2009 I took part in the European launch of our Hydra Life moisturizing skincare range. Working closely with the R&D department let me acquire considerable expertise in the sensory impact of our products.

In 2012, I had a new opportunity to discover the makeup market when I became brand manager for the Teint Diorskin range. This allowed me to learn more about different textures and above all let me develop expertise as an “orchestra conductor” during the launch phase, working with our PR, sales training, digital and other teams.

I’ve been head of the Capture and One Essential skincare products since 2014, leading a six-person team. This has given me a chance to hone my skills as a manager, supporting and developing my team, helped by the entrepreneurial culture championed by our management, and the creative space people are encouraged to develop. Now it’s my turn to bring others the kinds of opportunities that Parfums Christian Dior has given me.”