Tiffany Stevenson

Sephora VP, Talent Management & Development

Tiffany Stevenson has helped employees of Sephora Americas thrive professionally and personally for nearly ten years. Her role is perfectly matched to her outgoing and energetic personality.

“Blending business development and talent management has always been at the heart of my work experience. After completing my masters degree in business administration at Georgetown University, I had several roles in financial services from HR to marketing before joining Sephora, where my role has continued to evolve.

My current position is really my dream job. Our team’s role is to help make Sephora one of the best places to work! We oversee induction, development, engagement and talent management strategies for Sephora Americas, which includes three countries, 12,000 employees, over 350 stores and two distribution centers. This is an incredibly motivating role that focuses on helping people grow and feel valued, which is key to the success of the company.

I began my career at Sephora as a sales associate in a store, which was an amazingly rich, hands-on experience before joining human resources. My first corporate role focused on driving leadership development training and subsequently talent development initiatives for retail. For the past three years my role has expanded to take on training and development for all our internal populations to help drive a more consistent experience for our teams.

I felt tremendous pride when Forbes magazine recognized Sephora as one of the “Best Retailers to Work for Right Now”. But we never stop seeking to go even further. LVMH’s core values – especially be creative and innovate, and aim for excellence – always resonate with me and inspire me to continually challenge myself.”