Client Relations Manager, South Coast Plaza

  • Company: Christian Dior Inc.
  • Country/Region: United States
  • Business group: Fashion & Leather Goods
  • Contract type: Permanent Job
  • Function: Retail
  • Experience required: Minimum 5 years
  • Reference No.: CDC03411
  • Date of publication: 2020.02.27



CRM Managers are responsible for partnering with the Boutique Director/Manager to create a clienteling culture and drive client growth. They help plan and execute client initiatives for each client's before, during and after service activities. They support the sales and management teams with CRM, Special Events, Client Development activities that are aligned with corporate strategies and ensure proper follow-up is conducted by each sales associates with their clients.



  • Management Partnership/Alignment
    • Proactively touchbase and communicate with the boutique director/manager to develop weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly client planning
    • Ensure store teams (from managers to sales associates) are aligned on all client initiatives (from corporate to in-store) and actions to take by leading Diorly meetings and hosting one-on-one daily/weekly touchbase with sales associates
  • CRM Initiatives
    • Be Dior
      • Be the point person to ensure ALL team members (managers to sales associates) understand the importance of Be Dior and how to use the tool
        • Provide on-boarding training for new hires
        • Provide weekly refresher for team members as necessary
        • Ensure sales associate accountability for Be Dior usage
          • Ensure each sales associates use Be Dior daily with minimum usage of 15 minutes per day
          • Ensure each sales associate utilizes the Be Dior checklist
          • Go over the checklist with each sales associate on a daily basis and coach their outreach
      • Proactively update Be Dior checklist for sales associates to use and communicate the modified versions to CRM corporate
      • Proactively utilize Be Dior reporting and functions such as OTO to drive and monitor the business
      • Ensure proper transition of clients belonging to former sales associate. Identify best sales associate to allocate the client to, allocate in Be Dior and be involved in the outreach to those clients to ensure successful transition
    • New Client Roadmap
      • Ensure properly, timely and meaningful follow-up of ALL new clients
      • All sales associates to outreach to achieve repeat sales from new clients within 6 months of the first purchase
    • Gifting
      • Manage all client gifting from global celebrations - Manage lists by including high potential and new clients. Ensure each sales associate meets his/her ROI goal
      • Manage one to one gifting such as birthdays, etc. Proactively identify upcoming client birthdays, identify appropriate treatments/gifts, communicate to corporate in a timely manner and work with sales associate to create the moment for the client

Additional information

    • Other Initiatives
      • Ensure new initiatives are communicate and understood by each team member
      • Complete all necessary actions per guideline in a timely manner
  • Sales Associate Client Development
    • Meet with each sales associate on a weekly basis to ensure daily, weekly outreach is happening
    • Evaluate each sales associate's outreach/communication and coach to drive better results
    • Ensure daily client outreach - which is correctly conducted
    • Ensure each sales associate is hosting minimum of 1 appointment per day and provide coaching an help with appointment preparation utilizing tools such as Be Dior
    • Identify clients about to upgrade and downgrade and proactively work with each sales associate to ensure client development
  • Client Data & KPIs
    • Ensure client information is correctly captured on the client card and entered into Xpert/Be Dior and each sales associate is complying to the SOP
    • Ensure proper organization and comply to the client card SOP
    • Outline and distribute client goals in line with corporate CRM KPIs and ensure each sales associate is achieving them through proactive client planning
      • Pyramid Goals
      • Evolution Goals
      • Repeat Goals
      • Birthday Planning
      • Capture Rate
      • Prospect Capture
    • Daily/Weekly review the CRM KPI report to evaluate boutique and sales associates' client performance and develop client action plans to drive results
    • Proactively utilize Be Dior reports
  • Other Responsibilities
    • Ensure follow up with clients is done consistently to meet Mystery Shop result targets
    • Complete all administrative tasks relating to client initiatives such as but not limited to:
      • List evaluation for gifting, invitations, show nominations, etc.
      • Ensure gift arrival, tools, etc.
  • Assist Boutique Director with various store operation duties as needed, including opening and closing of boutique
  • Proactively develop action plans that's meaningful and share ideas with CRM corporate
  • Proactively communicate changes/updates to store team members to ensure accurate reporting
  • Regularly partner with CRM, Events & Client Development corporate members
  • Partner with PCR Director to ensure holistic client execution in-store

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