Leathergoods Production Planning Supervisor

  • Company: Fendi
  • Location: Italy
  • Business group: Fashion & Leather Goods
  • Contract type: Permanent Job
  • Function: Supply Chain
  • Experience required: Minimum 5 years
  • Reference No.: FEND00601
  • Date of publication: 2018.01.23


The candidate will join the industrial planning & external production office and will have several objectives articulated on different time horizons in order to respect the industrial timing optimizing and balancing the available resources anticipating any critical areas. The production planner supervisor will manage the relationship with all the functions involved in the process, such as Purchasing, Warehouse, Production departments, Industrialization. Main Responsibilities >  implement the Annual Macro Plan in order to balance the production capacities and all the other resources necessary for production (warehouse, industrialization, etc.) respecting the commercial objectives for each event; >  define the structure of the production capacity necessary to satisfy the Macro Plan and create the Seasonal Plan by distributing the orders received on the supply chain and production lines, optimizing the allocation criteria such as technical skills and costs; >  realize the Seasonal Plan for Industrialization, Purchasing, Warehouse; >  analyze the feasibility of the Seasonal Plan in relation to the material and industrialization plan; >  transforming the Seasonal Plan into orders, monitoring the production trend in order to balance the Seasonal Plan over time, respecting the objectives; >  prepare the summary documents with the main process KPIs in relation to the reference target values.


>  Bachelor's degree in Engineering or related fields; >  Prior experience in the same role (at least 3/4 years); >  Strong knowledge of MS Office and Stealth 3000 or AS400; >  Excellent analytical skills; >  Good relational skills; >  Team working; >  Accuracy; >  Excellent knowledge of spoken and written English.

Fashion & Leather Goods

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