Master Data Quality Coordinator

  • Company: Louis Vuitton Italy
  • Country / Region : Italy
  • Business group: Fashion & Leather Goods
  • Contract type: Permanent Job
  • Function: Finance
  • Experience required: Minimum 5 years
  • Reference No.: LVM11194
  • Date of publication: 2020.10.14


The role of the Master Data Quality Coordinator, reporting to the LG Industrial Controller Manager is the guarantor of the quality and integrity of the technical data in our systems. He/she ensures that the information flows timely and securely, through the internal IS systems, within the organization.

>  Standardize the flows and processes of the data
>  Create and enforce policies and control routines for effective data management
>  Create procedures to verify the quality of the data and to ensure adequacy, accuracy and legitimacy of data
>  Define and implement efficient and secure processes and procedures for data handling and analysis with attention to all technical aspects
>  Ensure the timely preparation, validation and loading into the system of the technical data by the various departments
>  Establish rules and procedures for data sharing with upper management, external stakeholders etc.
>  Oversee staff members in the daily use of data systems, ensure the proper training to the users on how to apply the defined processes
>  Monitor and analyse information and data systems and assess their performance to propose ways of enhancing them
>  Troubleshoot data-related problems and improve the quality data management

The Master Data Quality Coordinator will be responsible of:
>  The management of the technical and industrial data:
o For new products: check the timely preparation and load of the data into our systems
o Define routines to properly verify the consistency of bill of material, production cycles, raw materials master data
o Verify the good synchronization of the data in our different systems
o Prepare and share the KPI's necessaries at the organization to progress in the quality of the data
>  The standardization of the industrial processes:
o Ensure the production processes are well applied and maintained
o Ensure that the IS flows are consistent and in line with the industrial processes
o Push to reach the convergence of the Site process with the LG core model
o Together with th IS Leader, propose system evolutions and follow-up their implementation
>  Support the business team in the comprehension of the importance to have accurate data into the system:
o Together with th IS Leader and the HR team, propose training plans for the system users

  • "Good data, for the good person, in the good system at the right time"



>  Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or similar
>  A minimum of 5+ years' experience in data management in production environments
>  Excellent understanding of data administration and management functions in manufacturing structures where knows profiles and processes
>  Analytica mindset, strong communication and problem-solving skills
>  Ability to convert complex problem into easy solutions
>  Familiarity with modern database and information system technologies
>  Work on the following SI and utiles: ERP (preferably SAP), PLM, SCM, WMS
>  Proficient in MS Office
>  Fluent in Italian and English, preferably also in French


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