Planning, Methods & Stock Manager

  • Company: Manufacturas Loewe SL Madrid
  • Country / Region : Spain
  • Business group: Fashion & Leather Goods
  • Contract type: Permanent Job
  • Function: Supply Chain
  • Experience required: Minimum 5 years
  • Reference No.: LOEW00593
  • Date of publication: 2021.03.11


The Planning, Methods & Stock Manager is charge of Support the Logistic operation activities and performance, aiming at delivering the best service for the best use of resources (people, infrastructure, inventory,...):
- Issuing Planning & Scheduling of those operations,
- Measuring and organizing improvement of reliability, throughput, performance & cost of those operations as well as implementing best practices & tools (Lean, Theory of constraints)
- Coordinating Inventory management  (cycle counting) & stock optimization (slow runners...)
- Supporting the use & improvement of information systems to master the operations



  • Planning & Scheduling of operations:
    • Realize weekly planning of the Distribution Centre operations
      • Coordinate the different stakeholders in order to get and understand their needs to serve the customers of the different channels (Retail, Outlets, Wholesalers, e-commerce...)
      • Calculate required resource to assure those services
      • Make sure that those time slots are respected by the carriers.
    • Realize daily scheduling of internal operations (reception, put away, picking, packing, invoicing) in order to respect the customer requested date of product deliveries
    • Monitor the flows and activities in order to:
      • Alert in case of deviation
      • Implement the corrective / preventive actions
  • Performance measurement, Process Improvement & Methods:
    • Develop, maintain & issue Distribution Balance Scorecard (KPI's)
    • Organize issue root cause analyses
    • Implement improvement action plan (continuous improvement, projects)
  • Stock & Inventory improvement
    • Coordinate inventory controlling and optimization with Finance and Supply Chain (stocktaking, cycle counting)
    • Organize product discounting (secondary channel) & destruction to free up space in the warehouse
    • Optimize product locations in the warehouse and in other locations in order to optimize occupancy rate and picking cycle time
  • Support use and development of information systems
    • Supply the necessary data to the operations manager & operators in order to monitor correctly their activities
    • Assure that the information systems are correctly used and organize training and information in case of lack of understanding
    • Be the interface / sponsor in the case of required development or improvement of an information system to better support the operations








- Degree in Business Administration, Logistics or Supply Chain

-3 to 5 years of experience working in Logistic/Manufacturing Operations improvement

-Knowledge of Lean principles and Toolbox

-Expertise in building and managing Reporting

-Ability to manage Business Intelligence systems and in Excel

-Ability to crunch data and realize a root cause analysis

- Understanding of customer services operations (nice to have)

- E-commerce experience (nice to have)

- Green / black belt (nice to have)

Additional information


-Customer oriented

-Ability to coordinate Improvement actions

-Work easily transversally with other departments (Information Systems & Technologies, Finance, Commercial...) and with the resources from the Distribution Centre


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