Retail Mobility HR Manager

  • Company: Moët Hennessy
  • Location: France
  • Business group: Other activities
  • Contract type: Permanent Job
  • Function: Retail
  • Experience required: Minimum 10 years
  • Reference No.: LVMH00641
  • Date of publication: 2018.03.12


Objective: To know, retain and develop talents in LVMH stores (scope to be defined)

  • Key drivers: store talents identification, internal mobility
  • Focus at first on
    Division/ Métiers -Leather goods / Fashion and W&J
    Regions/Counties - USA, China/HK/Macao, UK, France, Italy and Japan
    Key Cities - NY/LA/Miami -Milan/Rome - Paris - London - Shanghai - Pekin - Tokyo - Osaka
    Positions - store key positions (store director, assistant store manager) / contributors of flagship stores


Key responsibilities

 1. Status

  • To analyze the existing situation on the biggest stores of LVMH sorted by area/Country/town
  • Staff organization - Store Manager - Assistant Store Manager
  • PCR reviews of these Executives
  • 2016 and 2017 mobility assessment
  • Qualitative analysis of retention successes and failures

       - Exit interviews
       - Mobility process (When and why are we losing/keeping good performers)
       - Mobility success factors identification (success/failure stories, preliminary skills referential, store clustering...)
       - Other key retention tools identification (training, reward, comps & ben...)


2. Action plans for each key market (USA, China/HK/Macao, UK, France, Italy and Japan with a city by city approach)

  • Meet and animate the retail local community (key GM / HR) to review and improve the mobility process

       - PCR format

    • Identification of the people
    • Will to move - Which brand - Which function - which city
    • Improve the availability / communication on opening positions
  • Co-build local actions plans
  • Set a target of improvement of % internal Mobility
  • Ensure a clear and light reporting on all these people with a local sharing meeting / report
  • Organize the process to update on monthly basis (quarterly?)


3. Performance review, reporting and communication at group/brands top management level

  • Define, review and share the stores retention KPI's
  • Animate the HR retail community
  • Update regularly the international directors on the retention action plans progress, best practices and success stories (during the RDC)


4. Time of assignment for 3 years before coming back to the field


  • 10 years Retail and /or HR background, with ideally a significant retail experience
  • International experience if possible
  • Fluent in English
  • Ability to well evaluate people and to well network and be accepted by different nationalities / Brands
  • Ability to do synthetic report leading to decision
  • Initiative, people minded and rational

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