Sales Operation Manager

  • Company: LVMH Fragrance Brands France
  • Location: China
  • Business group: Perfumes & Cosmetics
  • Contract type: Permanent Job
  • Function: Sales
  • Experience required: Minimum 5 years
  • Reference No.: LVMHFB00617
  • Date of publication: 2018.06.05


1.   Reinforce regular analysis on key business data and activities (e.g. sell-in achievement, sell-out target setting, BC & Door productivities, cost and expenses etc.)

    - Provide comprehensive and accurate business analysis from diversified perspectives and angels to tell the true business situation, and put managements' attention at the right place

    - Identify top and bottom performers and non-comparable elements to isolate like-for-like results

    - Investigate and analyse the under-performance by region/city/door and the main root-causes for underperformance and quantify their impact on overall performance

    - Make assessment on the risks to overall target achievement due to under-performance issues that have been identified

- Synthesise learning that come from top doors actions and help highlight issues to management that according to sales teams of top doors is crucial to sales performance

    - Help with setup of reporting to measure and analyse in a detailed manner the performance of retail team

 2. Setup Retail Operation Systems and regular Business Review by monitoring and measuring the Impact of Action Plans through working with retail team, like Code 3 consumption, cabin activities, etc.

    - Assist National Sales Director and Regional Sales Managers to define the way in which progress on their national & regional action plans can be measured

    - Quantify expectations from each action plan prior to implementation, which would permit the sales team to prioritise amongst those action plans that have highest expected contribution

    - Help with the evaluation and interpretation of action plan results

    - Keep on improving BC / Door productivity by productivity analysis and improvement programs

    - Keep improving the SOP of counter management and operations

        - Work closely with Finance, Marketing and SSC team to streamline, standardize and consolidate monthly reporting for retail operations and management review on a regular base

 3. Follow up on key business activities

    - Sell-in achievement

    - Sell-out target setting

    - BC productivities and door productivities

    - PRIDE project follow up and implementation

 4. Inventory & Stock Management

        - Quantify product supply needs that are in-sufficiently met and provide National Sales Director and Forecast team with analysis and recommendations

        - Co work with marketing team in forecast accuracy for normal and new products

    - Involve in control counter level inventory

- Build up benchmark in the local market to monitor Code 3 and testers consumption through analysis and accurate allocation

    - Set rules to monitor the overstock of products to achieve a healthy and safe stock


Perfumes & Cosmetics

A major player in the perfumes, make-up and skincare markets, the Perfumes & Cosmetics division groups together major historic Houses as well as young brands with strong potential.

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