Supply and Demand Planner

  • Company: Moët Hennessy UK
  • Country / Region : United Kingdom
  • Business group: Wines & Spirits
  • Contract type: Permanent Job
  • Function: Finance
  • Experience required: Minimum 2 years
  • Reference No.: MHE01137
  • Date of publication: 2020.11.16


The role is to plan and execute supply and demand at MDA Rugby and Blackburn. This involves collaborating with Sales and Marketing to create a credible demand plan for the next rolling 12 months and feed into Senior Supply and Demand Planner to create a global view of the demand on a monthly basis. This also includes closely working with Masions and 3PLs to supply the right products at the right time and right quantity. The product scope is F/G and POSM. The Sales Scope is e-Commerce, Private Sales, and On-Trade. The Marketing scope is all brands.


Main Responsabilities

  • With sales, SKU-Plant level forecast and execute on SAP APO monthly over the rolling 6 months
  • With Sales team and using BPC, create credible Amazon, Clos19, Ocado, and on trade demand forecasts over a rolling 6 months (Customer-SKU-Plant level)
  • With Marketing, plan SKU-Plant level forecast and execute on SAP APO monthly over the rolling 7 to 12 months
  • With MH Europe regional office, cleanse SKU-Plant level sales history and choo the right statistical models
  • With Senior Supply and Demand Planner, create constrained and unconstrained forecast at SKU level monthly by reconciling different views of forecast among Sales, Marketing, Finance, and statistical forecasts
  • Using Chameleon (Directly) or from Great Bear, plan and execute weekly supply of F/G and POSM to MDA Rugby to optimise the availability and minimise cost
  • With Marketing, plan and execute the POSM stock management
  • With Sales, create and execute credible Amazon, Clos19, Ocado, Privates, and on-trade supply plan
  • Reconcile between SAP and 3PLs all stock, purchases, and return orders for MDA Rugby and Blackburn, ensuring all movements are correctly created in SAP
  • On a monthly basis perform stock reconciliation between SAP and MDA. With Customer Services execute claim process
  • On a daily basis, investigate and solve any blocked orders and stock discrepancy using ZEDE and ZMST in SAP
  • Support Commercial Planning and Marketing with any allocational products
  • Create new SKUs in SAP and make sure that items are setup correctly
  • Manage the slow and obsolescence stock to keep it below 5% of the total portfolio
  • Lead a monthly meeting with Clos19, Amazon, Ocado account managers, etc with KPI reports

Additional duties to support the business

  • Support Sales and Marketing in various projects
  • Assisting with the identification, development, and implementation of process improvements

Additional information

Principal Skills, Knowledge, and Personal Attributes

  • Advanced Excel skills, creating simple and intuitive reports from a complex data from SAP and 3PLs
  • Advanced level of SAP knowledge
  • Strong analytical skills and detail orientated
  • Emotional intelligence with open-minded
  • Strong collaboration skills
  • Able to multi-task, keeping on top of ongoing subjects or issues
  • Strong self-motivation and able to demonstrate proactivity
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in supply and demand planning
  • Strong communication skills - ability to communicate with different people at all levels of the company - from customer service team members, sales team managers, warehouse staff to executive level
  • Action-oriented, with a clear focus on meeting deadlines
  • Strong planning and organisation skills
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Strong team worker
  • Proactive