Supply Chain Manager

  • Company: Moët Hennessy UK
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Business group: Wines & Spirits
  • Contract type: Permanent Job
  • Function: Supply Chain
  • Experience required: Minimum 5 years
  • Reference No.: MHE00719
  • Date of publication: 2018.06.15




  • Lead all activities enabling accurate market demand and in consensus with other stakeholders (Sales/Marketing/Finance).
  • Ensure efficient physical flows from Central hubs to Local Warehouses (upstream supply chain) and from warehouses to Customers (downstream supply chain). Size local inventory to achieve target service level within inventory and costs objectives. Manage logistics provider relationships in order to secure logistic execution and match expected service level at defined costs. 
  • Guarantee customer service process execution and ensure proper order to cash management in order to reach a high level of customers' satisfaction.


  • Identify and assess company specific SC topics and propose suitable initiatives to optimize cost to serve and Supply Chain performance including e commerce and private sales
  • Contribute and deliver projects (infrastructure, IT, process, organization, inventory modeling, demand management, logistics) by providing structured project management methods.
  • Collaborate actively with MH Europe Supply chain team in transversal projects


Demand management

  • Achieve consensus for operational demand forecasts by facilitating a collaborative planning process with Local and Regional Stakeholders
  • Together with Demand Planers, take appropriate actions over the impacts of unexpected events on demand and sales on the planning horizon 
  • Manage inventory allocation to optimize client satisfaction and company's profits

3PL Activity & Performance follow-up

  • Together with internal departments, follow the logistics activity and be problem solving when needed
  • Give business priorities and provide visibility on mid/long term activity to guarantee sub party capacity and appropriate focus
  • Monitor and publish Operations KPI's, performance costs and efficiency analysis and animate performance review over areas
  • Propose and lead corrective actions plans in case of underperformance
  • Perform operational audits, stock takes and BCP tests. Propose/drive improvement plans. 
  • Ensure compliance to Maison's and Group's standards & legal rules (Safety, Security and Social labor treatment)
  • Elaborate subcontracting budget related to area of responsibility in cooperation with Regional Supply Chain and Finance Directions. Monitor subcontracting actual expenses versus budget

Project drive

Build Phase:

  • Assess and challenge requests, priorities and deadlines
  • Propose project scope, budget, organization, team and resources, schedule
  • Identify dependencies and constraints, risks

Project Phase:

  • Coordinates workgroup, team members, third-party contractors and consultants
  • Follow budget, deliveries planning and KPI's and animate project meetings, steering committees ...
  • Contribute to deliverables production (analysis, business cases, procedures, specifications writing, IS evolutions requests, internal communication through meeting documents ...)
  • Identify needs and ensure success of change management (training, communication)

Project performance evaluation:

  • Evaluate the project delivery, on time, in full, at cost
  • Evaluate benefits on mid and long term use
  • Provide documentation/material:
  • Create, implement and update leading project processes and tools
  • Ensure their utilisation across operational teams


People Management & Development

  • Lead Supply Chain & Customer Service Teams
  • Create, implement and update leading project processes and tools
  • Ensure their utilisation across operations teams


>  Service level (Customer satisfaction)
>  Working capital optimization (cash to cash cycle time, inventory turns)
>  Costs vs budget
>  Corporate Social Responsibility criteria compliance

Moët Hennessy is LVMH's wines and spirits arm. Its brand portfolio has a high and very high end focus. MH is global leader in the sector and owns 21 Maisons, of which some are several centuries old. Founded by visionary and dedicated entrepreneurs, they have been passed down from generation to generation. Their descendents developed them and continued to perpetuate the "family spirit" which is so important to our group. Their history has merged with that of their countries of origin and they have become part of their heritage.

At LVMH we share 3 main values:

Creativity and innovation

This combination of creativity and innovation is the foundation of our Houses and figures at the heart of the delicate balance required to continually renew our offer while resolutely looking to the future, always respecting our unique heritage.

Deliver excellence

At LVMH, we never compromise on quality. Because we embody the world of craftsmanship in its most noble and accomplished form, we pay meticulous attention to detail and to perfection.

Cultivate and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our entrepreneurial spirit encourages both risk-taking and perseverance. It requires pragmatic thinking and an ability to motivate teams, leading them to achieve ambitious objectives.



  • Finance and IS teams
  • Market Comex members
  • MH Europe SC team
  • SC counterparts


  • Head of Logistics and transportation providers, suppliers...

Reports to

  • Market Finance & Operations Director 


  • Demand Planning and Customer Service 



  • University degree
  • Engineer or Management degree

Professional experience

  • 3/4 years' experience in process management
  • Proven management experience
  • Experience in luxury a plus


  • English fluent, French a plus