“LVMH is a Group where men and women make all the difference. They are, more than elsewhere, an essential competitive asset that underpins the success of our Houses. Creating the conditions for them to succeed within our ecosystem is a guarantee of long-term performance. This is why developing the best employees is a key part of our human resources policy.”

Optimizing inductions through cultural integration

All employees benefit from an induction program as soon as they arrive in the LVMH group. This training allows them to increase their knowledge of the LVMH universe and its Houses, to raise their awareness of all the challenges that the Group faces and to discover the “métiers” that are represented within it. These days are opportunities to meet other employees with equivalent responsibilities who have joined LVMH at the same time, in order to build up a network.

Transparent skills evaluation

Knowing our talents and understanding their future intentions is essential to ensure the continuity and success of LVMH. The performance and career review is a process in which all Group employees take part at the end of every year. It is an opportunity for exchange and discussion and takes the form of an individual interview between the manager and the members of his or her team, designed to evaluate performance, set objectives for the forthcoming year, and define career aspirations and perspectives in the short and medium term for each employee.

A skills development tool

Training is an essential tool that every employee must make use of in order to develop. During the annual evaluation, managers and their teams discuss the development program to be undertaken. This must provide a solution to both each employee’s professional aspirations and the organization’s business challenges. A vast array of training programs has therefore been established by the Group, Houses and regions, in order to provide a perfect solution to the needs of each employee and each organization. A variety of themes are tackled: culture, business challenges, “métiers”, management, products, etc. and adapted according to the level of responsibility.

Mobility is encouraged

An internal Group platform of open positions, Move, is hosted on the LVMH group intranet site. Applications submitted using this platform always receive priority attention. Mobility is one of the pillars of our human resources policy. It is a beneficial element in career progression within the LVMH group. Human resources committees covering all levels of responsibility and “métiers” are regularly organized in the various geographical regions in order to match internal candidates to forthcoming positions to be filled. Around 3,600 employees benefited from mobility in 2017.