Clos19 is a lifestyle retail House offering exceptional experiences, products and services, from the world of LVMH’s exclusive champagnes, wines and spirits. Its mission is to inspire the art of hosting.

Creation date: 2017
Founder & CEO: Stephanie Watine
Head office: 12-18 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1W 0DH, United Kingdom


Founded in 2017, the House focuses on inspiring the Art of Hosting. By offering bottles but also accessories around the perfect serve and experiences, Clos19 is bringing a new dimension to the enjoyment of wines and spirits. We are a community driven brand with a contemporary approach to the Art de Vivre.

Like a great host, Clos19 is sophisticated, elegant yet understated, inviting yet intriguing, modern, timeless and one of a kind, tactile and vibrant, iconic, inspirational, witty and a little playful. We are bridging the gap between the novice and the connoisseur by sharing everything you always wanted to know about our world. This is like stepping into the Clos19: stepping into the exceptional.

Clos19 © Gentl & Hyers 2017


From private tastings at exceptional locations, to extraordinary travels and unique services, Clos19’s creates and curates one-of-a-kind experiences designed to inspire and celebrate the art of hosting.

Bottles ageing in cellars © Veuve Clicquot/Leif Carlsson 2015


Epicurus, 341-270 BC

« We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink.»

Art de Vivre

Clos19 has a contemporary approach to the art de vivre which can be experienced at Journal19 –the brand’s editorial platform. From the history of the Bloody Mary, the Touche Finale to shake a cocktail and the hosting tips of Epicurean experts, Journal19’s custom-tailored content provides inspiration and information about the art of hosting through a unique lifestyle lens.

Cocktail shadow © Gentl & Hyers 2017


Expressed through a luxury lifestyle lens, Clos19 offers more than the world’s leading luxury champagne, wine and spirit brands from the LVMH portfolio. Whether buying a gift for a loved one, hosting a dinner party for 12 or a wedding for 150, Clos19 guides consumers through the purchasing process and offers over-the-phone dedicated specialists providing advice on everything from food pairings and cocktail recipes to glassware and event staff.

Key figures

  • 19 development of art de vivre in the 19th century
  • 350 Over 350 wines, spirits and champagnes available on Clos19
  • 2017 Year of creation

Drink responsibly.

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