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The House of Ruinart was founded on September 1, 1729 by Nicolas Ruinart. His uncle, a learned Benedictine monk called Dom Thierry Ruinart had incredible insight. He foretold that this new “wine with bubbles”, developed in his native region of Champagne and which the royal courts of Europe adored, was destined for a bright future.The creation of the House of Ruinart coincided with the dawn of the Enlightenment in France and of the French “art de vivre”. There arose in France a true culture of everything good and beautiful, favoring fine and elegant, light and sophisticated, delicate and rare taste. The cuvées naturally found their place.Driven by a constant quest for excellence and the absolute, the House selected chardonnay, a rare and fragile grape variety, as the common thread for all its cuvées.
The coat of arms of the Ruinart de Brimont family, ennobled during the reign of Louis XVI © Ruinart
The House of Ruinart laid the first foundation stone of the history of champagne. Elegance, refinement, purity, light and its emblematic grape variety of chardonnay form its DNA and make it a true timeless and modern icon. It draws the power of its creations from three centuries of history. The balance between its origins and its bold promises is the key to its success and makes it a House that is perpetually contemporary.
Frédéric Dufour, President & CEO of the House of Ruinart © Ruinart

Frédéric Dufour

President & CEO of the House of Ruinart

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Visuals representative of Ruinart campaigns, products, and identity

Visuals representative of Ruinart campaigns, products, and identity

On September 1, 1729, Nicolas Ruinart started his first ledger dedicated to “wine with bubbles”, effectively giving rise to the first champagne house ever created.


Ruinart's Blanc de Blancs is the perfect expression of Ruinart style. Made using only chardonnay grapes, it is a blend of its best base wines, giving it aromatic richness, freshness and an exceptional purity. Timeless quintessence of the Ruinart taste, this cuvée is the greatest expression of such rare refinement.
The iconic bottle of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs, 100 % chardonnay © Ruinart


The House of Ruinart’s chalk mines are like underground cathedrals of chalk that were first exploited during the Gallo-Roman period. These grandiose cellars were classified as a historical monument in 1931. They were dug by hand – the deepest measuring 38 meters in height beneath the vault – and their numerous tunnels criss-cross over a length of more than eight kilometers. Luminous white, these chalk mines spread over three levels offer a total absence of vibrations and a constant temperature and hygrometry: the ideal conditions for the fermentation and maturation of Ruinart cuvées. Over time, they have been the historic and privileged witnesses of the House’s greatest moments.

A major site in Champagne due to their majesty, grandeur and scale, the chalk mines are spread over 8 km and 3 levels © Ruinart

A major site in Champagne due to their majesty, grandeur and scale, the chalk mines are spread over 8 km and 3 levels © Ruinart


Since its founding in 1729, the world’s first champagne house has crafted its exceptional wines by nurturing the roots of the terroir and ancestral savoir-faire. As Ruinart prepares for its fourth century, the Maison is deepening its commitment to preserving the soils that are a source of life, and to passing on time-honored savoir-faire and culture.Sustainable development is not only imperative, for Maison Ruinart it is a source of innovation and creative inspiration.Ruinart has taken sustainable packaging to a new level with a pioneering eco-design for 100% paper packaging that is fully recyclable and molded to fit the emblematic curves of the bottle.


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