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With 52 000 passionate employees operating in 34 markets, Sephora connects customers and beauty brands within the world’s most passionate beauty community. Sephora serves a highly engaged community of hundreds of millions of beauty followers across its global omnichannel network of more than 3 000 stores and iconic flagships, and its e-commerce and digital platforms, offering personalized and immersive experiences across every touchpoint. With a curation of close to 500 brands and its own label, Sephora Collection, Sephora offers the most unique and diverse range of prestige beauty products, from fragrance to make-up, haircare, skincare and beyond. Since its inception in 1969 in Limoges, France, and as part of the LVMH Group since 1997, Sephora has been disrupting the prestige beauty retail industry. Today, Sephora continues to break with convention to drive its mission: champion a world of inspiration and inclusion where everyone can celebrate their beauty.
Offer something original that adds flair to the world.

Dominique Mandonnaud

Founder of Sephora

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Visuals representative of Sephora's campaigns, products, and identity

Visuals representative of Sephora's campaigns, products, and identity

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Opened in 1996, Sephora Champs-Elysées is one of the most iconic Sephora flagship stores. Recently renovated, visitors can now enjoy an entirely revamped high-end beauty shopping experience. The flagship offers a wide range of luxury brands, exclusive launches, beauty services and innovative features, designed to create a personalized and immersive visit that inspires beauty enthusiasts.


Launched in 2011, Cream Lip Stain quickly conquered the world and has since become the best-seller of the Sephora Collection brand. The reasons for its success? Its unbeatable performance: long-lasting, transfer-proof wear, ultra-matte finish, and intense pigmentation. Special mention goes to its velvety, comfortable texture and its extensive shade range featuring no less than 45 hues, from the most natural to the boldest.


We have been disrupting the norms of the beauty industry since the beginning, allowing customers to freely explore and try beauty products for the first time. Since then, we continuously set new standards by driving omnichannel excellence across our network of outlets, flagships, e-commerce and digital platforms, underpinned by the world’s largest beauty loyalty program, to provide a seamless, personalized, and inspiring experience at every touchpoint, anytime, anywhere.


SEPHORiA, the immersive beauty event that takes visitors in a first-of-its kind journey to celebrate Sephora’s diverse beauty community and its uniquely curated product assortment. Born in 2018 in Los Angeles, this exclusive experience has since flourished in New York City, Paris and Shanghai. Now a hallmark event, SEPHORiA is the annual rendez-vous for beauty enthusiast across the world.


SEPHORiAThe immersive beauty event


    In 2015, Sephora launched its signature social impact program, Classes for Confidence. In 22 markets globally, the program offers free hands-on beauty classes. In partnership with local NGOs, the classes help people feel empowered during key life moments, such as re-entering the workforce after facing illness. The private setting provides a supportive environment where attendees can learn beauty techniques to boost their confidence and inspire fearlessness.
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