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Hennessy has been writing new chapters in the story of cognac for over 250 years. Pursuing the spirit of visionary founder Richard Hennessy, the Maison is renowned the world over for its exceptional cognacs. Present in over 160 countries, Hennessy is prized for the quality of its cognacs, the fruit of unique savoir-faire passed on over generations. For two centuries, Hennessy has entrusted the blending and tasting of its cognac eaux-de-vie to the Fillioux family, now represented by Renaud Fillioux de Gironde, the eighth generation of master blenders from the family.  With deep roots in the heart of the Charente region, Hennessy plays a major role in the regional economy. The first spirits house to earn ISO 14001 certification in 1998, Hennessy continually innovates and works closely with its partners to preserve, enrich and pass on the wealth of its exceptional terroir.

Our ambition is to establish Hennessy as the most desirable and most responsible prestige spirits brand. With deep roots in our Cognac home, we have cultivated enduring ties with our partner winegrowers and stakeholders. We continue to engage with the world, welcoming the cultures of the many communities that have adopted Hennessy around the world.
Laurent Boillot, Hennessy President & CEO © Clotilde le Guay

Laurent Boillot

Hennessy President & CEO

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Visuals representative of Hennessy products and identity

Visuals representative of Hennessy products and identity

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"Innovation means creating the classics of tomorrow."
Created by Maurice Hennessy in 1870, X.O is the perfect illustration of this maxim, which is dear to heart of the cognac House. Two years only after its creation, X.O allowed Hennessy to strengthen its presence in China. It gave the world a radically new approach to aging eaux-de-vie.


In 1765, Richard Hennessy founded the House that bears his name. An Irish officer living in exile in France, he left his native land to pursue a unique destiny, showing resilience in the face of adversity. He introduced the art of selecting and ageing eaux-de-vie to cognac, always with an unwavering insistence on quality.
Richard Hennessy and his son James established what would become the standard in the cognac industry. 
A committed humanist, his openness towards other cultures and his sense of excellence continue to inspire the House today.


Richard HennessyFounder


From Cognac to the entire world, we work together to cultivate the future and become the benchmark for exemplary sustainability in luxury wines and spirits.We preserve and enrich our natural ecosystems, practicing agro-ecology, reforestation and reducing our carbon footprint and water consumption.We are committed to fostering progress for both the communities close to our heart – our employees, our partners and cognac artisans – as well as communities the world over. We do this with an emphasis on inclusion, diversity and support for the development of these communities.  


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Moët Hennessy is the Wines & Spirits division of LVMH, owning renowned wine estates through "LVMH Vins d'Exceptions". With its twenty seven internationally renowned Maisons for the richness of their terroirs, the quality of their products and the craftsmanship savoir-faire with which they are created, Moët Hennessy has been committed, for many years, to its environmental and social program, Living Soils Living Together.Drink responsibly.