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is the vineyard s original, emblematic wine, it also produces a Chardonnay, a Pinot Noir and a lightly sparkling wine, Pelorus. According to Estate Director Yang Shen, Cloudy Bay wines owe their excellence and international reputation to its win- emakers exacting precision: From vine to cellar, we craft our wine with a meticulous attention to detail. Tasting a glass of Cloudy Bay takes you on a journey of purity and plunges you into the natural beauty of our region. In 2012, Cloudy Bay took this oenological journey a step further, launching its first cellar door experi- ence: The Shack. In July 2018, a second cellar door The Shed was opened in Central Otago, in the

C L O U D Y B AY Discover ing New Zealand w ine at The Shed

Cloudy Bay was established in 1985 by David Hohnen, founder of the Cape Mentelle Estate in Australia. The iconic New Zealand winery has pioneered an international market for the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, which has received critical acclaim throughout the world. The winery is located at the entrance to the bay it is named after, nestled in breathtaking scenery between the Pacific Ocean and the peaks of the Richmond Range. For more than 30 years, Cloudy Bay has been helping to establish the Land of the Long White Cloud s reputation as a leading New World wine- producing country. And while the Sauvignon Blanc