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to leave a personalized audio message along with a gift of perfume, a way of connecting people who have shared similar stories, and perhaps even a new Guerlain fragrance inspired by the most beautiful Olfaplay stories. Olfaplay, inspired by Guerlain, encapsulates life s most fleeting moments and lets alchemy, intimacy and imagination work their magic

Olfaplay, the first digital radio for perfume lovers, brings stories

about fragrances alive.

B E R L U T I Zero Cut, the u ltimate expression of craf tsman sh ip

It has been over 120 years since Alessandro Berluti signed his first pair of shoes. Since then, four generations of Berluti bootmakers have developed the Maison, which continues to distin- guish itself through its technical expertise and unconventional creativity. In 2018, Berluti show- cased its quintessential craftsmanship once again with the Zero Cut model, which was unveiled at the Fall/Winter 2018 ready-to-wear show. This distinctive shoe is crafted from a single piece of leather and has absolutely no stitching or cuts on the back a technique mastered by only a select few bootmakers worldwide. To create the Zero Cut shoe, the master craftsman places a piece of Venezia or Alligator leather on a wooden last, and moistens it lightly while pulling gently. The leather gradually molds to the shape of the last, which gives the shoe its unique form. Zero Cut is the purest expression of the iconic Alessandro lace-up shoe, created by Alessandro

Everyone has their own equivalent of Proust s madeleine, an enduring scent-induced memory that transports them across time and space. Guerlain Perfumer, Thierry Wasser, reveals some of his secrets as a nose . Princess Esther Kamatari recounts her memories of Africa. The Moulin Rouge shares the smells of its backstage rooms and costumes. François, a chef, waxes lyrical over the enchanting scent of his vanilla cakes. They all share a love of perfume and fragrance-evoked emotions. They were all inspired by Guerlain to record their stories in just a few minutes on Olfaplay. Olfaplay opens up a world of possibilities, from an olfactory map of the stories people have shared, the option