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LVMH 2018 . LV M H s t o r i e s

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a photo booth so they can take their creations home with them. Last but not least, for parents who like to shop in peace and for their children, aged four to ten, who d rather play Le Bon Marché now offers a new service: recreational workshops where children can enjoy crafts, cooking, and experiments, always based on an original themed story: the perfect recipe for a workshop where learning is fun!

A new space divided into two sections: a peaceful, cozy one for the very young,

and a brighter, more colorful one for pre-teens and teens.

movement and the high jewelry set created especially for the event, inspired by the delicacy of nature and symbolizing the culture of excellence that Chaumet shares with Japan.

For more than two centuries, Chaumet has shown curiosity

for everything, for all the elsewheres in the world, whether historic or exotic.

L E B O N M A R C H É The magical world of Le Bon Marché for k ids

A surprise and a whole world of fun and games awaits you on the third floor of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche it s the new Kids Department, complete with clothes, toys, activities for kids and grownups, rides and even a flying saucer! Small children can enjoy a comforting menagerie of plush toys; educational games; a miniature, exclusive, luxury-brand dressing room; nightlights to brave the dark; and much more. Pre-teens and teens can explore an exciting, unprecedented space that includes La Petite Épicerie de la Beauté (or beauty delicatessen), where barrettes, headbands and lip balms are on offer in display stands designed like an amusement arcade. And because it s never too early to start dreaming of the next vacation, the seasonal Galerie Imaginaire (or imaginary gallery) features sleds, down jackets, gloves and hats. And as children are miles ahead of their parents when it comes to tech, there s a wide range of high- tech and lifestyle products, particularly for teens. For example, they can take pictures of themselves using interactive screens and design the front cover of their very own magazine and of course there s