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LVMH 2018 . I n t e r v i e w w i t h t h e G r o u p M a n a g i n g D i r e c t o r

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which supports women s career development at every level of the organization; our work to promote social responsibility and inclusion All these contributions are just as important. This wide-ranging social impact is important to our employees, who want to be proud to be part of LVMH. For our customers, a top-quality product is no longer enough: they also want to know about our Maisons values, and care about our corporate behavior. We know there is room for improvement, and we are deeply committed to moving forward and communicating trans- parently about our objectives and progress.

What can digital technologies bring to luxury brands, rooted in tradition?

Over the last few years our market has become highly fragmented. Customer journeys and purchasing habits have become more complex. Now, in addition to magazines and other traditional media, our customers especially young people use a range of digital options to stay informed, communicate with friends and shop. Brand awareness and customer engagement are built on these many different touchpoints. Each one is an opportunity for our talented employees to express our Maisons unique values by accentuating our creativity and awakening more emotion. Sephora s smart mirrors let customers try on makeup using augmented reality. Moët Hennessy uses artificial intelligence to help customers create bespoke tast- ing experiences with their friends. At Guerlain Parfumeur stores customers can explore a vast universe of fragrances and emotions, using a digital perfume organ to craft their own signature scent The possibilities are endless. Digital technology and innovation will continue to be harnessed for the benefit of our ideas and brands, creating value and enriching the customer experience.

Maison Louis Vuitton Vendôme.