Transmission & Savoir-faire

LVMH and its Maisons are the custodians of an unparalleled heritage of time-honored craftsmanship and creative skills, and take great care in protecting and developing savoir-faire that has sometimes been passed on for centuries.

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Preserving these métiers and their traditions is essential to the enduring success of LVMH. The skills of our artisans guarantee the excellence that goes into crafting our products. This savoir-faire constitutes a unique, intangible heritage that lies at the heart of our appeal and aura around the world.

However, preservation does not mean stasis and nothing can be preserved without renewal and modernity. This is why LVMH provides ongoing support for its different sectors to ensure that young generations learn traditional artisanal and creative skills. The Group also encourages its suppliers to innovate and continually renew their own exceptional savoir-faire. To ensure the excellence of our products, we must secure the availability of the highest quality raw materials, which are often rare or subject to shortages.

Leadership & entrepreneurship

At LVMH, performance is underpinned by the leadership of our managers, whose vision and ability to inspire their teams enable the entire organization to achieve ambitious objectives.

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Our talents are the key to success in a continually shifting competitive environment where staying ahead is imperative.


Our decentralized organization enables us to remain close to our customers, to rapidly make effective and appropriate decisions, and to continually motivate our teams, inspiring them to show entrepreneurial spirit. This environment encourages risk-taking and perseverance. It requires pragmatic thinking and an ability to motivate teams to achieve excellence.

We give high priority to collective intelligence, which is stimulated by internal development programs designed to challenge our most audacious managers to transform their innovative ideas into business plans. We also foster an entrepreneurial spirit by identifying and supporting the career growth of talents within our Maisons, ensuring their life-long success.


By being entrepreneurial and openly engaging with the world in an environment where different generations collaborate and contribute their respective visions of the future, we are working together to build the LVMH group of tomorrow.

Social & environmental responsibility

LVMH has made sustainable development a strategic priority since its founding.

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This commitment concretely addresses the ethical responsibility of businesses in general, along with the distinctive role in society played by a group such as LVMH, both in France and around the world.


Our long-term commitments yield tangible benefits for society. LVMH views protecting the environment as not simply an obligation, but an imperative and a source of competitiveness. It is imperative because the long-term success of LVMH Maisons depends directly on preserving and respecting the natural resources they use to make their products. At the same time, this policy drives competitiveness, because taking environmental factors into account in our production processes makes them more reliable and sharpens our leadership. Our social responsibility is rooted in the fundamental principle of respect for people and their individuality.

This principle guides all our initiatives and practices to ensure that they reflect the highest standards of integrity towards all our partners. All our teams are actively engaged with this approach. Together, we are committed to making excellence a lever for social and professional inclusion in solidarity with our host regions and communities as we strive to cascade the positive social impact of our activities.


“Our position as a leader entails social and environmental responsibilities. We need to go further than simply meeting standards.” Bernard Arnault Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LVMH

Art & Culture

Art and culture have always been intimately linked to the history of our Maisons, whose founders often include artists among their close friends, such as Christian Dior and Jean Cocteau or Christian Bérard, or Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn.

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Art inspires the creation of our exceptional products thanks to a mastery of exquisite craftsmanship and the rare métiers that are an integral part of LVMH’s cultural assets.


These unique cultural assets contribute to the exceptional reputation of luxury products around the world. LVMH thus naturally plays a prominent role in initiatives that support art and culture in order to share our passion for creativity with the widest possible audience.

Our corporate philanthropy for the arts and culture spans diverse areas in France and other countries, such as the restoration of historic monuments, the acquisition of works to enrich the collections of leading museums, support for major national art exhibitions, or commissions of works by contemporary artists.


“Right from the creation of LVMH, I clearly established support for the arts and culture as a key component in our development. Our commitment embodies the values that all our Maisons share – savoir-faire, excellence and creativity – and anchors them in their artistic, cultural and social environment.” Bernard Arnault Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LVMH.