Maison/0: LVMH and Central Saint Martins make creative design an agent for sustainable innovation

LVMH and Central Saint Martins, the renowned London art and design school, have been partners for many years across a variety of initiatives. In 2011 they established the LVMH Grand Prix Scholarships, which awards five scholarships to top students, as well as the LVMH Lecture Theater, a multi-use space at the school that hosts a diverse agenda of events and talks. In 2017 a new partnership was launched under the banner LVMH & Central Saint Martins “Sustainability & Innovation in Luxury | Fostering Creativity”. The program promotes creativity, inviting young talents to identify disruptive solutions to address sustainable development and innovation in luxury.

The Maison/0 sustainable innovation initiative grew out of this program in September 2017, articulating three founding objectives:

  • Inspire, inform and equip the next generation of creative talents to be able to lead on sustainable innovation;
  • Develop R&D and experimental projects to explore new avenues for sustainable luxury;
  • Curate public-facing events that showcase creative practice as a catalyst for sustainable innovation.

Since its founding, Maison/0 has introduced two initiatives, the Green Trails and the Symposiums. The Green Trail each year celebrates the most creative sustainable development projects in both fashion and innovative materials. The Symposiums are public events organized to share information and practices and showcase ways in which design can be a powerful agent for sustainable innovation.

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