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LOEWE is one of the world’s major luxury houses, founded in 1846 in Spain, and today under the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson.

Creation date: 1846
CEO: Pascale Lepoivre
Head office: Goya, 4, 28001 Madrid - Spain
Website: www.loewe.com


Steeped in art and historical references, rooted in craft and tradition, Loewe has been reinventing leather craftmanship for almost 200 years. From its birth in Madrid in 1846 to its latest collection dedicated to the elegance of Chinese monochrome ceramics, the Maison’s journey has been defined by its core values: energy, creativity, and a thoroughly modern approach blended with traditional techniques.

Craft at Loewe is unconditionally bound up with art, an endless source of inspiration: from the British Arts & Craft masters to the whimsical world of Studio Ghibli, art is at the heart of every collection – and the House is committed to supporting the artists and creators informing its work.

Today, Loewe’s master artisans combine their craft knowledge, accumulated over generations, with new technologies to produce iconic objects presenting both instant appeal and enduring style: true incarnations of Loewe’s ideals and vision.

Radical and ever-evolving: here’s to another 200 years of Loewe history

Since 2013, Jonathan Anderson, Loewe’s Creative Director, has been carrying this vision ever further. One of the leading designers of his generation, Anderson has spearheaded a major rejuvenation of the House.

Through a redesign of the brand identity, a modern articulation of its commitment to craft (with the launch of the Loewe Foundation Craft Prize, for instance), and a series of critically acclaimed and genre-defining Women’s and Men’s collections, Loewe has been further elevated as an influential and global cultural force.

At the intersection of fashion, craft and culture, Loewe’s ambition is to be radical and ever-evolving. Craft and luxury are inextricably linked, and at Loewe, the one makes the other feel more accessible and tangible. By showing how the collections are made and honouring the complex artisanal processes behind them, it becomes possible to see their value and their merit. And by adding a cultural dimension – involving fine arts, film, dance, etc. –, Loewe has become a vibrant force for creativity and innovation, ensuring the brand’s durability for another 200 years… and more.

© Loewe


CASA LOEWE is the foundational concept for LOEWE stores. Denoting a place of luxury, intimacy and culture, CASA LOEWE is designed to feel like the townhouse of a sophisticated art collector, where LOEWE fashion collections are interspersed with art, craft and design from the LOEWE Collection, a growing collection built on principles of excellence, originality and craftsmanship. CASA LOEWE promises a different kind of shopping experience; that of a highly refined, personal and cultural space to be explored like a private residence.

Casa Loewe BCN © Loewe
Casa Loewe BCN © Loewe


From its founding as a Spanish leather making collective in 1846, to the present day under the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson, LOEWE has always been led by an obsessive focus on craft and an artisanal approach to design and manufacture. These core values are reflected in everything the house does — as it grows, internationalizes and crafts contemporary objects of desire.

Key figures

  • 1846 Loewe creation date
  • 150 stores across the world distribute Loewe
  • 1970 artist Vicente Vela created the Anagram, Loewe´s emblem of material and technical excellence

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