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Based in northern Italy, Loro Piana produces superlative textiles and luxury goods using the world's finest, rarest raw materials. The pursuit of excellence has been its mission for six generations.

Creation date: 1924
CEO: Damien Bertrand
Head office: Corso Rolandi 10, 13011 Quarona (VC) - Italy
Website: www.loropiana.com


Originally from Trivero in northern Italy, the Loro Piana family began trading wool in the early 1800s. In 1924, Pietro Loro Piana founded Ing. Loro Piana & C., the current company. Pietro’s nephew Franco took over in 1941, and after the war the firm began to establish its reputation as a supplier of premium wool and cashmere textiles for a growing haute couture industry, both home and abroad. In the 1970s, Sergio and Pier Luigi Loro Piana took up the reins, diversifying into luxury goods and developing an international retail arm. Now the world’s foremost cashmere processor, Loro Piana prides itself on sourcing the very finest, rarest raw materials the world has to offer, including unique cashmere from baby goats in northern China and Mongolia, vicuña from the Andes, extra-fine Merino wool from Australia and New Zealand and lotus flower fiber from Myanmar. The company draws on both time-honored traditions and state of the art technology to offer its discerning customers products that are renowned for their peerless quality. All of the company’s collections of ready-to-wear garments and accessories are made in Italy to the highest standards of craftsmanship and sartorial excellence.

Specialized workers of the Quarona mill in the early 1900s © Loro Piana


The finest, rarest animal fiber in the world comes from the fleece of a small member of the camel family that lives wild in the Andes: the vicuña. Its story is closely bound up with that of Loro Piana, with its renowned passion for the world’s most outstanding raw materials.

A splendid Peruvian Vicuña © Loro Piana


Loro Piana has come to set the benchmark for the world’s finest yarns and fabrics, thanks to its tireless investments in raw materials and production, and continued technical innovation. The company controls every stage of production to its exacting standards, from the collection of the natural fibers, right down to the delivery of the finished products to its stores. Loro Piana’s commitment to the sustainability of these rare, exclusive fibers has resulted in long term conservation programs to safeguard the animals and their habitats. By forging exclusive partnerships with suppliers round the world, it supports and encourages ongoing research and development right from the source. Loro Piana uses these unique raw materials to produce its world-renowned textiles and exceptional luxury goods, which are all meticulously crafted in Italy by some of the country’s most skilful artisans. Tradition and innovation inspire the company’s uncompromising vision of quality.

The vicuña carding process, held at the Loro Piana facility in Roccapietra, Northern Italy © MFM by Nathalie Baetens
A moment of the exclusive cashmere double crafting © Loro Piana


Loro Piana joined the LVMH group at the end of 2013 with the aim of preserving its unique heritage and spirit in a perspective of fulfilling its significant future potential. ” LVMH has already proven that it respects and supports family businesses in their values, traditions and desire to offer clients an incomparable level of quality,” explains Pier Luigi Loro Piana, who is now the Vice-President of the Piedmont House. “Family, craftsmanship, uncompromising search for quality, authenticity and innovation are some of the values that we share. As the latest addition to LVMH, Loro Piana can benefit from powerful synergies while staying true to its legacy and traditions. “Future prospects include extending Loro Piana’s product range and selectively expanding its worldwide network of boutiques, consolidating and capitalizing on its global renown for supreme quality.

Key figures

  • 9 production sites owned by Loro Piana, all located in Italy.
  • 171 Loro Piana stores around the world.
  • 5 million meters of fabric produced each year.