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Louis Vuitton

Founded at the dawn of the modern travel era, Louis Vuitton is on a perpetual mission to explore new horizons, propelled by an innovative spirit, boundless creativity, and unparalleled savoir-faire.

Creation date: 1854
Chairman and CEO: Pietro Beccari
Head office: 2, rue du Pont-Neuf, 75001 Paris - France
Website: www.louisvuitton.com


Founded in Paris in 1854, Louis Vuitton perpetuates the ambitious vision of its namesake. From his origins as a master trunk maker, manufacturing boxes used to pack both everyday objects as well as voluminous wardrobes, Louis Vuitton and his successors introduced numerous innovations including the advent of the flat-top trunk, lightweight canvas, signature patterns, and the tumbler lock. Today, Louis Vuitton’s legacy is expressed through its rigorous spirit of innovation, the boldness of its creations and an uncompromising demand for excellence.

Women's Fall-Winter 2021 © Louis Vuitton Malletier / photo David Sims


Created by Georges Louis Vuitton in 1896 as a tribute to his father, the Monogram canvas, a highly coveted material that quickly became a sign of distinction and rarity. Today, the Monogram motif provides endless inspiration for contemporary re-interpretations by Louis Vuitton’s own Artistic Directors as well as artistic visionaries.

Women's Fall-Winter 2021 © Louis Vuitton Malletier / Alessandro Garofalo


Born out of an unquenchable thirst for exploration, Louis Vuitton carries on its founder’s values of savoir-faire, creativity and innovation. With the advent of new modes of travel, Louis Vuitton creates cutting-edge designs, materials and ergonomics adapted to specific demands of the journey and the travelers, developing new expertise in increasingly varied fields. Always the pioneer and never afraid of distant horizons, the Maison continues to accompany its clientele wherever they dream of traveling to discover unknown territories.

© Photograph “Caravan of Camels in Pushkar” from Jean Larivière’s "L'Oeuvre" Portfolio published in 2011


Today, Louis Vuitton expresses its daring spirit by developing additional savoir-faire in a growing number of related crafts, always propelled by an inexhaustible desire to do the unexpected. Historically known for its Damier and Monogram canvases, the Maison also creates leather goods in a range of finishes such as the iconic Epi, as well as increasingly sophisticated leathers and models such as the timeless Capucines bag. Starting at the end of the 20th century, Louis Vuitton reconnected with its founder’s expertise as a wardrobe packer with the launch of fashion collections for both women and men, now headed by Artistic Director Nicolas Ghesquière. Since then, the Maison has also ventured into the domains of watchemaking with the Tambour timepieces, jewellery headed by Artistic Director Francesca Amfitheatrof, as well as fragrances with Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud. Frequently collaborating with world-renowned artists and architects, the Maison presents the Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades collection of travel-inspired objects and furniture imagined by a growing list of leading international designers.

Key figures

  • 4 rue des Capucines: Louis Vuitton's first store opens in 1854
  • 17 leather goods workshops in France
  • 250 the average number of operations needed to create a Louis Vuitton leather bag

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