Moynat has been a trunk maker in Paris since 1849. Its creations are a tribute to the exceptional savoir-faire of its artisans in the finest French tradition of leather craftsmanship. The House is renowned for its exceptional materials, distinctive lines and refined hardware, resulting in a timeless and contemporary elegance.

Creation date: 1849
Chief Executive Officer: Lisa Attia
Head office: 348 rue Saint Honoré 75001 Paris - France
Moynat is not a subsidiary of the LVMH Group; it is, however, also controlled by the family-owned Groupe Arnault.


Pauline Moynat, a bold young woman with canny vision, founded the trunkmaker in 1849 in Paris. Moynat rapidly earned a reputation for its steady stream of technological innovations, coupled with the superior quality of its travel goods and a flawless sense of customer service.

The success of Maison Moynat was marked by patents for exclusive designs, prestigious prizes and recognition at Universal Exhibitions. The early 20th century was a golden age for Moynat. A pioneer in the great automobile adventure, Moynat specialized in custom made luggage such as the Limousine trunks, which fit the contours of cars and were matched to the color of the car body.

Since its renaissance in 2011, Moynat continues to combine modernity with age-old expertise and is recognized as an emblem of discreet and uncompromising luxury. Moynat creations are still hand-crafted by our artisans at our workshops in Paris and the south of France, using only the finest materials and refined colors to achieve a style that is subtle in its timeless elegance. Creative Director Ramesh Nair has cultivated an aesthetic of serenity at Moynat, with a lightness of spirit and unexpected touches of humor.

FW 2016 Campaign, Réjane bag in Taurillon Gex leather © Jonas Lindstroem


This exquisite bag is named after the celebrated Belle Epoque actress and Moynat muse, Réjane. The delicate, feminine curves, perfect proportions and clean lines are enhanced by a rounded metal closure inspired by an Art Deco Moynat clasp.

Réjane bag in Taurillon Gex leather © Moynat


Moynat has brought back the rare traditional technique of leather marquetry. This technique requires exceptional precision since artisans manually cut and insert the different pieces of leather to create the final motif. The pieces in this puzzle are so perfectly assembled that they are undetectable to either the eye or touch. Each piece becomes a unique creation crafted by expert artisans.

Moynat‘s unique leather marquetry savoir-faire © Moynat
Moynat x Pharrell Williams Collection, pochettes in Taurillon Gex leather, leather marquetry train © Moynat


Moynat’s unique trunkmaking savoir-faire travels the world with displays of vintage trunks and travel objects at Moynat stores around the globe. These treasures from the past offer a harmonious perspective of contemporary creations. Following exhibitions in Paris, London, Beijing, New York, Tokyo and Seoul, new destinations are planned for 2017.

Key figures

  • 1849 Founding of Maison Moynat, trunkmaker in Paris
  • 20 Number of hours needed for an artisan to hand craft a Réjane bag
  • 348 348 Address of our store on Rue St Honoré in Paris