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A leading weekly financial publication, Investir - Le Journal des Finances helps readers manage their stock market portfolios with expert advice, economic studies and information on taxation.

Creation date: 1974
CEO: Pierre Louette
Head office: 16, rue du Quatre-Septembre, 75112 Paris - France


Since they merged in 2011, Investir and Le Journal des Finances have strengthened their leading position and created a powerful publication in the weekly stock market and asset management sector. Thanks to the expert advice offered by its editorial board, Investir-Le Journal des Finances has fast become a reference publication for individuals looking for the latest and best investment opportunities.

Driven by the service and real-time reactivity values which are part of its DNA, the weekly is also available on tablets and smartphones. Wherever they are, its readers can keep up with financial news and constantly enjoy advice from the specialists on its editorial board.


"Bilan" Investir special issue © Investir-Le Journal des Finances


The high-quality work of the journalists on the editorial board allows Investir-Le Journal des Finances to offer its readers clear-cut advice and precise recommendations on how to make the most of stock market opportunities. The newspaper also provides advices from selected experts, among which the most listened to market commentators.  

"40 years of Investir" event © Bruno Levy


François Monnier, Editorial Director of Investir-Le Journal des Finances © Manolo Mylonas

” We analyze all the economic and financial news in order to learn the best lessons on investment opportunities. We have just one objective: to give readers all the tools necessary to effectively manage their financial or stock market investments.”


Every week, Investir’s team of twenty journalists strive to deliver the most relevant information to private investors. They expertly pick the “Investir 10”, a weekly selection of ten major French securities that show very strong performance. In 2013, this selection became an officially listed certificate that tracks the performances of the securities selected by the editorial board of Investir-Le Journal des Finances.

"Investir 10 Grandes Valeurs" certificate © Investir-Le Journal des Finances


Les Echos Bourse and Investir-Le Journal des Finances websites have combined their editorial boards to create Les Echos Bourse-Investir: the most comprehensive website in the sector for financial and stock market news. Complementing the weekly, it enables users to continuously follow prices on its “trading floor”-style interface, and join a stock exchange community hosted by specialist journalists. Thanks to this strong editorial team, and the analysis of two separate editorial boards, Les Echos Bourse-Investir offers insight into the latest economic policy and business news. It streams all the Paris stock market prices and many international listings, including stocks, indexes and commodities.

Key figures

  • 40 years : age of Investir newspaper
  • 70,624 issues sold on average per week
  • 1,066,000 Average number of unique visitors per month to Les Echos Bourse-Investir website

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