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High-end yacht builder Royal Van Lent upholds the prestigious Dutch maritime tradition. For each new project, the adventure begins with a blank page and continues on the high seas.

Creation date: 1849
Chairman-Chief Executive Officer: Jan-Bart Verkuyl
Head office: Royal Van Lent Shipyard B.V., Julianalaan 3, 2159 LA KAAG – The Netherlands


It was at the end of the 16th century that the Dutch invented pleasure boating, christening their little racing boats jachts. The Van Lent family’s shipyard, which dates back to 1849, is the heir to this tradition of mastering the seas. Its yachts were already winning speed contests in the 1920s and were the first to use steel and then aluminium. Specialized in the design and construction of high-quality vessels, Royal Van Lent combines ancestral savoir-faire with a deeply held spirit of innovation to meet the highest requirements in terms of performance, comfort and sailing pleasure. Sold under the brand name Feadship, its boats measuring 35 to 120 metres (115 to 393 feet) in length combine state-of-the-art technology and high-quality fittings. From generation to generation, the Van Lent family has teamed up with the best maritime architects and designers to create exceptional yachts. They are unique vessels and their owners are heavily involved their design.

Workers at the yard in 1914: The best materials for building a Feadship are incredible people © Feadship


Built in 2004, Ecstasea is the longest vessel ever built by Royal Van Lent. Boasting a top speed of over 30 knots, the challenge was to design a hull capable of withstanding this speed while preserving the elegance unique to Royal Van Lent. This ultimate blend of performance and refinement is the House's signature.

The 86-metre Ecstasea requires the engine power equivalent of 43,270 horses to reach her top speed of 33+ knots © Feadship


Jan-Bart Verkuyl, Chairman-Chief Executive Officer of Royal Van Lent © Feadship

” Each Feadship vessel is truly unique and reflects our desire to create new design models built on excellence and state-of-the-art technology. They represent the very best the House has to offer because we build bespoke yachts for people who only want the best.”


In 2001, the Van Lent shipyard received the prestigious Dutch title “Royal” from the Queen of the Netherlands. This distinction is awarded to companies that meet exemplary criteria, as much in terms of the quality of their products as the behavior of their staff, their social responsibility and their environmental impact. A “royal” business must be impeccable in both its past – it must have been in the same family for at least a century – and its future projects. The awarding of this status, which places Van Lent alongside the leading names in Dutch industry, is an immense source of pride for the shipyard and all its staff.

The shipyard in Amsterdam © Feadship


Founded on the Dutch island of Kaag in 1849, Van Lent reached the shores of America a century later when it caused a sensation at the 1951 New York Boat Show. Sixty years after conquering the North-American market, the ship builder set its sights on the Asian market. In 2012, Royal Van Lent unveiled its latest creation: Helix, an exceptional yacht with a 45-meter (148-foot) steel hull, designed like a holiday home on water and intended for a particularly demanding Asian clientele. Following a tour of Hong Kong, Hainan and Singapore, Royal Van Lent became the first western yacht builder to receive commissions from mainland China.