Acqua di Parma

Acqua di Parma

Acqua di Parma

Acqua di Parma, a symbol of Italian savoir-faire and refinement, embodies discreet luxury through its elegant fragrances and lifestyle products.

Creation date: 1916
CEO: Giulio Bergamaschi
Head office: Via Ripamonti, 99,20141 Milan - Italy


We are in 1916 when the Italian baron Carlo Magnani travels the epicentres of culture – Paris, London, New York. And this is the moment when he decides to create a fragrance destined for timeless success: Colonia. Fresh and modern which reflects the expression of Italian gentlemen style. In the 1930s, it became the perfume of the era. In the 1950s, Colonia attained international success, when Hollywood actors, invited to Italy by the great masters of Italian cinema, discovered its intimate and refined notes in the historic bespoke tailors’ shops. The international success of Colonia continued to exert an immutable appeal through years remaining the preferred fragrance of international connoisseurs. It was the first real Italian cologne.

Today, Acqua di Parma is a leading player on the luxury market, thanks to the production of a series of true masterpieces of traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Giovanni Gastel from the book "Essere Parma" © Mondadori - Electa, 2016


Colonia. The Italian sun captured in the “frutti d’oro” - lemon, orange & bergamot – all carefully chosen, handpicked and distilled. Next comes a heart of aromatic and harmonious notes such as lavender, rosemary, verbena and damask rose, followed by warm woody vetiver, sandal and patchouli. A sensual clarity which unlocks memories and makes every moment intense. The result is claim of refinement and style; a fragrance this simple is a fragrance for life.

Colonia bottle © Acqua di Parma


All Acqua di Parma products are made in Italy by traditional craftsmen using only highest quality materials. And they are sold through own stores and select retail partners only.

Here, the most ancient traditions of craftsmanship are inscribed in modernity through subtle details such as the choice of materials, careful manufacturing and hand finishing.

Authentic craftsmanship: handcrafted finishes © Acqua di Parma


Acqua di Parma has some very clear convictions as a brand. Simplicity is essential to elegance, especially Italian elegance. Things made slowly and by hand develop a soul and the imperfect is the only true form of perfection.

Above all, Acqua di Parma celebrates simplicity, sincerity, generosity.

© Acqua di Parma

Key figures

  • 12 natural ingredients used to create Colonia
  • 100% Made In Italy
  • 1916 Foundation year