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Acqua di Parma, a symbol of Italian savoir-faire and refinement, embodies discreet luxury through its elegant fragrances and beauty products.

Creation date: 1916
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer: Laura Burdese
Head office: Via Ripamonti, 99,20141 Milan - Italy


In 1916, skillful master perfumers created a new fresh, refined and modern fragrance in a small perfumer’s laboratory in the old town center of Parma. Named Colonia, this first Italian eau de cologne expressed a new sensibility. What was most striking about it was its formula, produced exclusively with natural ingredients, and its bottle showcasing Art Deco lines. Its popularity reached its pinnacle in the 1950s during the golden age of Italian cinema, when the biggest names in the industry discovered the fragrance while in Rome for film shoots at the famous Cinecittà studios. Going beyond the Italian border and transcending time and fashion, Colonia became the exclusive perfume of high society, an unmistakable symbol of Italian elegance. The brand, which opened its first boutique in Milan in 1998, has since developed a wide range of products, including fragrances, colognes, beauty and shaving products, a home collection and leather accessories. Today, Acqua di Parma is a lifestyle brand in a high profile market, a worldwide byword for sophistication and Italian refinement.

Illustration of an Acqua di Parma perfume bottle © Acqua di Parma


With its unique alchemy, impervious to time and fashion, the Colonia formula has remained unchanged for nearly a hundred years. This refined fragrance is a subtle blend of sunny essences of Sicilian citrus fruits, floral notes of lavender, rosemary, verbena and damask rose, and warm woody aromas of vetiver, sandal and patchouli essences.

Colonia bottle © Acqua di Parma


Quality, creativity and elegance are the values that define the unique style of Acqua di Parma, the quintessence of Italian savoir-faire and refinement. An expression of discreet luxury, the quality of Acqua di Parma comes from its carefully selected ingredients and authentic craftsmanship. Its motto: natural elegance that transcends time and fashion, and is part of the quest for aesthetic perfection. Here, ancient traditional craftsmanship finds new life in contemporary designs through subtle details like the selection of materials, impeccable manufacturing and handcrafted finishes. Even the scented candles are still made using traditional methods that blend natural waxes with concentrated essences. Inspired by the color of the city’s facades, the Parma yellow boxes that accompany each product are also made by craftsmen and hand-embossed with the Duchy of Parma royal seal.

Authentic craftsmanship: handcrafted finishes © Acqua di Parma


The book La Nobiltà del Fare. Stories of Italian Excellence pays homage to the excellence of Italian craftsmanship through stories that highlight the finest creations by Italian masters from the Renaissance period until now. It explores internationally renowned art institutions, companies and small workshops where master craftsmen continue to give life to unique products by perpetuating traditional methods… By telling the stories of 23 prime examples of Made in Italy expertise, as well as through remarkable photos by Giovanni Gastel, this opus takes us on a journey through Italy’s finest accomplishments.

La Nobiltà del Fare exhibition © Acqua di Parma

Key figures

  • 12 natural ingredients used to create Colonia
  • 100% Made In Italy
  • 1916 Foundation year