Cha Ling

Cha Ling

Cha Ling

Born from an ecological dream – protecting tea forests in Yunnan, China that are thousands of years old – the newest cosmetics Maison developed by LVMH Research proposes eco-designed beauty products formulated from detoxifying and regenerating Pu’ER tea.

Creation date: 2016
CEO: Laurent Boillot
Head office: 24 rue Jean Goujon, 75008, Paris


CHA LING was created to conceive and champion meaningful beauty, for you, for others, and for the world.

This vision spawned the creation of a line of beauty care products for women who refuse to compromise, demanding products that are effective, safe and natural.

CHA LING is the first cosmetics house to integrate the anti-oxidant, anti-ageing and anti-pollution properties of the world’s original tea, the rarest, richest and purest Pu’Er tea from forests that are thousands of years old in China’s Yunnan province.

We guarantee the exceptional quality and performance of our products, which have been developed by LVMH Research and are made in France.

Our products are accompanied by gestures and tools derived from traditional Chinese medicine. By rebalancing energy flows with soft sensuality aligned with different moments in the day, CHA LING reinvents the Time of Beauty.

The airy femininity of a tea flower combined with the woody intensity of a Pu'er tea cake © CHA LING


Cha Ling’s top-selling Infusion Serum is a powerful age defying treatment that reduces fine lines and wrinkles while firming and increasing the elasticity of the skin. With the highest concentration of B-DT ComplexTM, and ultra-hydrating texture it effectively counters the effects of skin ageing.

Infusion Serum © CHA LING


Laurent Boillot Founder of CHA LING and CEO of Hennessy © CHA LING

“It took the magic of meetings, established relationships, a magnificent location, shared values and a lot of synchronicity to create the spark.”

The ultimate detox ingredient: forest Pu’Er tea

In the Yunnan province of Southwestern China, at 1,500 meters in altitude far from any pollution, hidden tea forests thousands of years old – among the oldest in the world – produce the rare, pure original Pu’Er tea. Pu’Er accounts for just 0.1% of the world’s tea production.
Cultivated in one of the planet’s richest ecosystems with neither pesticides nor fertilizer, Pu’Er forest tea contains an abundance of anti-oxidizing molecules whose benefits for beautiful skin have long been recognized.

The detoxifying and regenerative benefits of Pu’Er tea have been recognized in traditional Chinese medicine for over 5,000 years, and recently confirmed by Western medical research. Research has found that this rich natural tea contains nearly 50 different types of microorganisms that contribute to a cold fermentation process, making it a product with unique cosmetic properties.


French technology

LVMH Research focused on the properties of this exceptional tea and its natural fermentation process to develop B–DT ComplexTM (Bio-Detox), a powerful cosmetic complex containing extracts of young Pur-Er tea leaves selected for their anti-oxidant effects and Pu-Er tea  leaves that have been fermented for a minimum of three years, for their anti-ageing effects.

This brings the skin the full molecular richness and complexity of these tea leaves for a holistic beauty, while guaranteeing the most natural and safe formulations.



A Maison committed to protecting a unique heritage

Protecting and promoting biodiversity figure at the very heart of  the CHA LING philosophy.  This powerful founding vision guarantees the quality and performance of its products, manifested through concrete commitments.

CHA LING’s commitments to protecting and promoting biodiversity include eco-packaging matched to the product content amounts, without secondary packaging, made from sustainable and recyclable materials. Cosmetics ingredients in formulas are sustainable and traceable, with a guarantee of at least 85% natural ingredients on average. Eco-friendly ingredients are clearly listed and ten-year contracts have been signed with suppliers and producers to sustain these commitments.

The Tea Garden project is emblematic of CHA LING’s commitments. It has already contributed to the reforestation and planting of 20 hectares (50 acres) of tea trees in their original ecosystem in southern Yunnan.

Key figures

  • 20 ha Replanted with forest tea trees in Yunnan province