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To surprise people and make them smile with energy, boldness and joy. A slightly crazy dream that the highly colorful Kenzo pursues by taking a poetic, quirky look at the world, overturning the established codes of traditional perfumery.

Creation date: 1988
CEO: Patricia Tranvouëz
Head office: 54, rue Etienne Marcel, 75002 Paris - France


Kenzo began in Paris under the pencil strokes of a young, rather eccentric Japanese man: Kenzo Takada. He invented colorful fashion, full of energy, that celebrates and draws inspiration from nature. Kenzo imposes a new, spontaneous and poetic elegance, an alchemy of nuances found at the heart of its perfumes. The brand’s first feminine fragrance, which simply bears the name Kenzo, was conceived in 1988. What followed were creations whose unique, quirky identity have made a strong impression on the world of perfumery: Flower By Kenzo, Flower In The Air, L’eau par Kenzo, Kenzo Homme, Kenzo Jungle. They all tell an optimistic story and toy with a melting pot of codes to savor and savor again. These fragrances assert themselves as a new incarnation of the Kenzo values: an invitation to travel to the heart of an olfactory “jungle”, which stamps its energy on the urban world and expresses its spontaneity, poetry and nuances by drawing inspiration from nature and blending contrasts. Kenzo Parfums’ eye for detail is also expressed through its bottles, veritable design objects and symbols of uncluttered refinement and of the brand’s values.

First Kenzo parfum © Véronique Durruty


Because poppy has no scent, Kenzo has created its perfume: Flower By Kenzo, a fragrance born in 2000 by the talented master perfumer Alberto Morillas.The designer drew inspiration from the red petals of this fragile flower in order to invent an elegant, feminine and poetic perfume. Flower By Kenzo embodies a unique and timeless eau de parfum.

The three Flower By Kenzo bottles before the skies of Paris blooming with poppies © Kenzo Parfums


Patricia Tranvouëz, General Manager Kenzo Parfums © Mat Beaudet

” Creations for a beautiful world…”. A slogan that Kenzo Parfums continues each day with communicative energy. The brand stands out with its poetic, smiling, colorful and quirky world. Codes that embody all the uniqueness and modernity of Kenzo Parfums. From stories to images and the tone of its campaigns, Kenzo Parfums surprises with its abundant creativity and unique personality.”


For Kenzo Parfums, nature is an infinite playground: a poppy on a glass tower, a blue bamboo, a purple palm leaf… all these images tell a story that invites us to see, touch, listen and feel. The brand therefore draws its vibrations and inspirations from all cultures, from East to West, from the luxuriant nature of forests at the ends of the world to the largest metropolises on the planet. Kenzo Parfums masters this art of blending and mixing colors and genres with enthusiasm, for an ever more inspiring journey.

Purple palm leaf taken from the legendary Kenzo Jungle bottle © Véronique Durruty


Free, optimistic and quirky, Kenzo Parfums constantly reinvents its approach to luxury without arrogance, thanks to the privileged links that it has with its public. By breathing new energy into its heritage, Kenzo places its creations within a more beautiful world, organizing happenings all over the globe.

An international favorite, Kenzo Jeu d’Amour celebrates edginess and fun, illustrating the perpetual renewal of the brand.

Key figures

  • 50 countries in which Kenzo Parfums is distributed
  • 2 Flower By Kenzo bottles sold every minute the world over
  • 15 million Flower By Kenzo poppies distributed throughout the world