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Officine Universelle Buly
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Officine Universelle Buly

Each day, Officine Universelle Buly perpetuates and adds to a heritage of beauty, inspired by the excellence of the past to offer the best of the present.

Creation date: 1803
CEO: Nathalie Elbaz
Head office: 27-29 rue Guénégaud, 75006 Paris - France


The story begins in 1803, when renowned Parisian perfumer Jean-Vincent Bully marked his era and the history of beauty with his “Vinaigre de Toilette”. The fruit of expertise and talent elevated by a love for cosmetics, “Vinaigre de Toilette” became a must for the “Tout-Paris” of the 19th century, gaining a following throughout Europe and beyond.

A new chapter in the Buly saga began in 2014 when the visionary duo Victoire de Taillac and Ramdane Touhami, who share a passion for passing on the best of French beauty care, decided to open a first Officine Universelle Buly dispensary at 6, rue Bonaparte in Paris. With its theatrical décor, this timeless temple to beauty is authentic and majestically beautiful. Buly is now written with a single “l”, symbolizing the passing of the flame to a new and universal adventure.

Officine Universelle Buly bridges time, offering a journey through the ages and across continents in a selection of products as precious as they are effective and authentic, marked by an ideal aesthetic that delights and seduces.
Oils, powders and clays are joined by eaux de parfums and other discoveries in a scented ballet that instantly enthralls.

A journey is punctuated by carefully planned stops. Unique boutiques with distinctive character have sprung up around the world, eschewing all uniformity.  The temples of the Officine are each inspired by the local architecture, people and their beauty habits.

The heart of mythic 19th century Paris unfolds behind each door to the rhythm of a sumptuous décor and the graceful cadence of the Officine’s preparation assistants. Trained in calligraphy, engraving and embossing, they transform beauty into a personal affair.

© Officine Universelle Buly


“A good perfume adapts to the person and the personality. It must neither precede nor follow the wearer too intensely.”

This adage perfectly encapsulates Eau Triple, Officine Universelle Buly’s emblematic water-based perfume, revealing authentic and sincere scents without ever leaving the skin imbalanced.

The fragrance is revealed in its integrity, releasing notes and accords with lasting precision.

© Officine Universelle Buly


© Officine Universelle Buly
“As a universal dispensary that rejuvenates the history of beauty secrets, we select accessories and ingredients from the world over – oils, powders, clays and much more – with patience and curiosity. Their inherent value springs from their quality, their effectiveness, and sometimes their rarity. Nothing is simpler, more pleasant or more precious than indulging in natural beauty care. And that is our philosophy.”

Perfection is not a detail.

Details are always a priority at Officine Universelle Buly. Intimately attached and faithful to French savoir-faire, the Maison’s personalization service transforms each product into a precious case.

The Officine’s preparation assistants calligraph, engrave, emboss and package each creation with meticulous patience, like a signature, highlighted in gold, embodying the Buly philosophy: unique, precious and authentic.

© Officine Universelle Buly


Officine Universelle Buly draws its essence from Nature. Preserving and caring for Nature is our priority, the best possible tribute to Nature’s myriad virtues. We continually work on new sustainable solutions that are both effective and good for Nature. Our creations meet the highest quality standards, emphasizing glass receptacles and formulations that are natural and effective.

Key figures

  • 900 products available in boutiques
  • 41 boutiques and counters worldwide
  • 16 water-based perfume for the skin