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LOEWE Perfumes creates botanical scents infused with human emotion guided by the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson, in partnership with in-house perfumier, Nuria Cruelles.

Creation date: 1972
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer: Juan-Pedro Abeniacar
Head office: Calle Isla de Java 33, 28034 Madrid - Spain
Website: www.perfumesloewe.com


LOEWE Perfumes adds a multisensory dimension to LOEWE via a kaleidoscopic range of iconic fragrances for men, for women and for the home that combine vibrant, nature-inspired olfactory experiences with bold visual expression.

In 1972, LOEWE launched its first women’s fragrance: L de Loewe. Because of its success, the House began investing in international perfumery retail. LOEWE Perfumes has kept sustaining the brand’s Spanish legacy, artisanal savoir-faire and innovative spirit guided, since 2013, by the creative vision of Jonathan Anderson, LOEWE’s Creative Director, in partnership with in-house perfumier, Nuria Cruelles.

Encompassing the Botanical Rainbow—nine iconic fragrance families that translate the depth and variety of Nature’s inspiration into the medium of perfume—and LOEWE Home Scents—twelve plant portraits capturing the authentic essences of a vegetable garden—plus the ever-expanding, hedonistic Paula’s Ibiza fragrance families and the Un Paseo Por Madrid collection, LOEWE Perfumes creates a multisensory kaleidoscope of colour, scent and emotion, inspired by nature.


The mix of craft, innovation and nature lies at the heart of all LOEWE Perfumes’ collections. In 2022, a fresh evolution of LOEWE’s signature CASA LOEWE flagship retail concept, conceived by Jonathan Anderson, arrived with a new experience of shopping for LOEWE Perfumes. Each store evokes the cool objectivity of a botanist’s archive, blending the scientists’ pragmatism with a passion for nature at its most elemental. An environment designed to inspire all visitors to explore and build their own unique Botanical Rainbow of fragrance.


‘Craft is the essence of LOEWE,’ says LOEWE creative director, Jonathan Anderson ‘It is where our modernity lies, and it will always be relevant’.

Honouring this commitment to craft is one of LOEWE Perfumes’ core values, guiding both our internal creative process and informing our engagement with culture in the wider world.

Through a perennial love of craft, LOEWE Perfumes safeguards traditions while continually daring to innovate, infusing every element—from the perfumers’ art to the design of our bottles and visual identity— in the making of modern and disruptive olfactory experiences.


Creative director Jonathan Anderson has established LOEWE Perfumes as a free-spirited cultural brand with an eclectic, prismatic identity connected to the realms of art, craft, popular culture and nature.

The result is an embrace of botanical art and human nature. These core values – art, nature, craft and Spanish lifestyle – are reflected in every LOEWE Perfumes piece, contemporary and artisanal objects of desire.

Key figures

  • 2013 Since the Maison is guided under the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson
  • 1 of the few Maisons in the world whose nose is a woman, Nuria Cruelles.
  • TOP 10 perfume brands within its country of origin while keeping a growing international presence

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