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Passionate and sensual, the fragrances created by Perfumes Loewe reflect Spain perfectly.

Creation date: 1972
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer: Juan-Pedro Abeniacar
Head office: Calle Isla de Java 33, 28034 Madrid - Spain


In 1972, the Madrid-based leather goods and ready-to-wear House Loewe launched its first women’s fragrance: L de Loewe. Initially designed to be sold exclusively in the House’s boutiques, the fragrance was so successful that eventually, the House began investing in international perfumery retail.

40 years and 10 olfactory creations later, the House presented Solo Loewe, a new men’s fragrance which reflects Spanish culture with audacity, modernity and sensuality. Loewe fragrances incarnate the Spanish spirit: elegant, refined, luminous, strong and unpredictable, with floral, woody and lemon-scented essences. To create this perfect harmony, the House finds its resources in nature.

The 4L logo, symbol of the Perfumes Loewe House © Jaime Gorospe


Created in 2004, Solo Loewe is a fragrance for men which subtly reinterprets male emotional harmony. Inspired by Toledo, crossroads between civilizations in the 12th century, it brings together a wide variety of natural products. Both spicy and woody, this fragrance evokes a man who is at once elegant, courageous and calm.

Bottle of Solo Loewe fragrance © Jaime Gorospe


Juan-Pedro Abeniacar, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Perfumes Loewe © Perfumes Loewe

” Spain’s immense cultural diversity is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for our fragrances. Perfumes Loewe offers international women an aesthetic of our own, with scents whose unique compositions are adored for their originality and avant-garde nature.”


In its search for excellence, Perfumes Loewe instigates a careful and exacting selection process for the ingredients which go into each of its creations. From various scent families – flowers, aromatic herbs, citrus, spices and woody notes – the perfumer selects top notes, which are the most volatile, middle notes, which form the core of the creation, and base notes, which linger after the other two have evaporated. In the same way that a painter uses his palette, the “nose” establishes a formula with all the fragrances at his or her disposal: this creative process may take between 12 to 18 months. The composition is then put together, before being stored for several months away from light at a constant temperature. This stage helps to reveal the perfect balance between the scents and characteristics of each component. This savoir-faire gives rise to unique fragrances such as Loewe pour Homme, which is made almost completely with natural ingredients, or Esencia Loewe, whose olfactory pyramid features over 200 ingredients from around the world.

High quality natural products, source of inspiration for Perfumes Loewe olfactory creations © Carlos Velasco


Perfumes Loewe draws its inspiration from the passionate and sensual character of Spain. Its philosophy is anchored in this fusion of the varied and contrasting aspects of its cultural heritage. Vitality, unpredictability and audacity are therefore integral to the House’s creations. Perfumes Loewe attributes major importance to the “sensuality of the senses”: its fragrances are for smelling but also for touching. The design and materials used to make the bottles are an essential element in the creative process. As a result, the House offers a complete sensory experience by crafting objects, but also unique spaces, boutiques where craftsmanship and modernity blend in harmony, giving prominence to high-quality materials such as wood, leather, gold, crystal and metal.

Perfumes Loewe boutique, POS El Corte de Castellana © Perfumes Loewe
Perfumes Loewe boutique, POS El Corte de Canarias © Perfumes Loewe

Key figures

  • 3 number of Perfumes Loewe men's fragrances in the top 10 on the Spanish market
  • 42 years Perfumes Loewe has been leading the Spanish market
  • 15 average number of months required for the creative process of a Loewe fragrance

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