The story of Chaumet, the first Parisian jeweler to open on the Place Vendôme, began in 1780. For more than two centuries, the House has continually embodied creativity and excellence.

Creation date: 1780
Chairman: Jean-Marc Mansvelt
Head office: 12, place Vendôme, 75001 Paris - France


The history of Chaumet has been intimately entwined with the history of France since the founding of the Paris jeweler in 1780. Chaumet very quickly became official jeweler to Empress Joséphine. The Maison’s high jewelry savoir-faire has been passed down through generations of jewelers for almost 240 years.  Crafted in the heart of Place Vendôme, exceptional tiaras, jewels and timepieces express this virtuosity and embody elegance with grace and character. The Joséphine collection is a precious echo of the taste of its muse, while Lien jewels celebrate the moments and life experiences that forge special relationships.  The pieces in the Jardins collection pay tribute to untamed, delicate nature.

Place Vendôme has been the beating heart of Chaumet since 1812, initially at No. 15. To celebrate its 240th anniversary, in 2020 the Maison inaugurated a majestic renovation of its historic hôtel particulier at 12, Place Vendôme, the mythic epicenter of Parisian luxury. Melding tradition and modernity, the exquisite redesign showcases the cornerstones of the Maison dear to its founder. Clients are welcomed to a boutique conceived as a luxurious Paris apartment. The grand salons celebrate culture and heritage, notably the salon Chopin, classified as a historical monument. Above all, the virtuosity of the High Jewelry workshop is now proudly on display, facing the iconic Place Vendôme.

The Salon Chopin at 12 Vendôme, a true jewel in the hôtel particulier designed by Baudard de Sainte-James Stéphane Muratet


A precious echo of the exquisite taste of its muse, the Joséphine collection perpetuates the graceful and elegant style that defines Maison Chaumet. An alliance of refined design and flamboyant stones, the collection revisits a 240-year tradition of expertise at the service of contemporary creativity.

From left to right and top to bottom: Joséphine Splendeur Impériale solitaire; Joséphine Aigrette Impériale solitaire; Joséphine Éclat d’Éternité solitaire and ring; Triomphe de Chaumet wedding ring; Bee My Love solitaire and wedding ring; Joséphine Aigrette solitaire and wedding ring; Liens d’Amour solitaire; Bee My Love solitaire; Liens Évidence wedding ring; Joséphine Aigrette wedding ring; Triomphe de Chaumet wedding ring. © Iris Velghe


Jean-Marc Mansvelt, Chaumet Chairman © Julien FALSIMAGNE

“An icon of the Place Vendôme, Chaumet is deeply committed to passing on both the expertise our Maison has continually cultivated for 240 years, as well as a unique style and elegance that have remained relevant in every era and won the hearts of an impressive array of prestigious clients, thanks to the ingenuity and unparalleled quality of Chaumet jewelry and watches. Nourished by this long history, Chaumet enthusiastically embraces the future as we pursue growth in Asia, particularly in China, where the Maison is now well-established and widely recognized, embracing the same spirit of openness towards the world that has characterized Chaumet since its founding.”


At Chaumet, everything begins with a design sketch, which the Maison’s gemologists then use to select the stones. Chosen for their quality, rarity or the emotion they inspire, the gems are then sculpted into brilliant, cushion, oval or emerald cuts, or Chaumet’s signature pear cut. It is only once they have been cut that the gems, bathed in light, reveal their true beauty. From the sketch to the finished piece, jewelers, setters, polishers and engravers each have a hand in bringing the jewel to life. Time is a precious ingredient in the Chaumet equation, with creations that can represent more than 2,000 hours of work by artisans. In the heart of the High Jewelry workshop at 12, Place Vendôme – a veritable laboratory of creativity and innovation for all its collections, – expertly executed actions are performed exclusively by hand, perpetuating savoir-faire that the master artisans have been passing on from generation to generation for 240 years.

© Stéphane Muratet


Today, Chaumet continues to expand internationally as part of the LVMH Group, with more than 80 boutiques in major capitals and cities across Europe, the Middle East, Japan and the Asia-Pacific region.
New jewelry and watch designs reflect Chaumet’s exceptional savoir-faire, which elevates gems and precious metals from socially and ecologically responsible sources, in accordance with the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) certification and the Kimberley Process, which guarantees the ethical origin of rough diamonds

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